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Official Rules 3.0: 2019 Edition [TTT] (14)

Hello all. It has been over a year since the previous rules post was created, and as such many things have needed adjusted/changed. Please take the time to read over the rules, as there are numerous changes. A big new…

About the TTT category [TTT] (1)
Applying for staff [TTT] (1)

We don’t have a formal staff application template here. Instead, when applying for staff, describe why you should be considered and what previous experience you have. Playtime is not measured however you will mainly be j…

Reporting a player [TTT] (5)

If someone is causing trouble, or a staff member is abusing their powers, click here to submit a report. When reporting, please include the players username and steamid, tangible evidence, videos, screenshots, chatlogs o…

Inventory Tutorial [TTT] (2)

HarrysMod uses a completely unique inventory system that no other server uses, so if you're new to the server, you might be a bit confused. How do I open the inventory? Press I or F3. [image] How do I open loot boxe…

Hat creation central ( 2 3 4 ) [Suggestions] (72)

Hats are great. I want to have as many hats as possible. Which is why hat creation is open to the public, and is super easy to do! For every hat you create, you'll receive a version of it with the unique Community Sparkl…

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Duck gun NOT Egg gun [Suggestions] (6)
Dumb exotic idea [Suggestions] (3)
Exotic trade ins [TTT] (8)
Cherino Unban Appeal 3.0 [TTT] (10)
Skin creation thread ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Suggestions] (117)

Post your skins here, I know quite a few have been making them recently and I have something cool planned for the next update for those who made skins. Make sure to post both worldmodel and viewmodel skins, I won’t acce…

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Currently known glitches, mistakes etc [Bug Reports] (9)
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Selling 24% speedboost Blood Rain mask [Trading] (7)
Hats with first-person spectating [Bug Reports] (14)
Buying a > 60% firerate crowbar [closed] [Trading] (4)
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