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Hello i need your voices ( 2 ) [TTT] (32)

Hello I would like as many sound clips as possible of people saying shitty exotic suggestions thank you please reply to this thread with them Submissions in text form will not be accepted, submissions containing memes a…

Official Rules -UPDATED- ( 2 3 4 ) [TTT] (79)

Okay so since there’s been lots of whine, I’m gonna add these rules here. They’re not the official ones (harry edit: they are the official rules now), more as a guideline for new players on what they can and can’t do. If…

Jukebox VEVO fix [TTT] (7)

Right click Garry’s Mod in your steam library and click properties [image] Go to the betas tab and enter iloveawesomium in the password box (if the password doesn’t work move on to the next step) [image] Select the c…

About the TTT category [TTT] (1)
Applying for staff [TTT] (1)

We don’t have a formal staff application template here. Instead, when applying for staff, describe why you should be considered and what previous experience you have. Playtime is not measured however you will mainly be j…

Reporting a player [TTT] (5)

If someone is causing trouble, or a staff member is abusing their powers, click here to submit a report. When reporting, please include the players username and steamid, tangible evidence, videos, screenshots, chatlogs o…

Inventory Tutorial [TTT] (2)

HarrysMod uses a completely unique inventory system that no other server uses, so if you're new to the server, you might be a bit confused. How do I open the inventory? Press I or F3. [image] How do I open loot boxe…

Stackable Openables [Suggestions] (2)
I didnt get the scrap [TTT] (4)
Skin creation thread ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Suggestions] (87)

Post your skins here, I know quite a few have been making them recently and I have something cool planned for the next update for those who made skins. Make sure to post both worldmodel and viewmodel skins, I won’t acce…

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