07.06.2019 Hotfix!

More balance stuff and fixes, from the last four days
Mac 10, P90, and the H.U.G.E. have had their firerates and damages changed.
The DPS stays pretty much the same, and the recoil has been changed to feel the same too, but it will make them work better with high firerate and/or mc server due to less tickrate breaking.
Dualies got a firerate buff, but a small acc and recoil nerf, to make them more effective in close ranges
Quads are affected by this too.
M3 (garand) now starts with the correct amount of ammo.
Bertha got a big damage increase, from 11 to 15.
Thats it for now folks, another spreadsheet with stats will come after we finish the testing and balance changes.


We also decreased Ivan’s coffee intake by 90% because his update output is worrying. Please stop praying for Ivan, he’s becoming unstoppable.


My huge is slower but it seems better, 11 kills on t round on a map that ISN’T airbus, it was island.


wait so huges and mac10s got a speed boost??

Slower I think, but maybe not

Slower but more dmg
Dps stays the same for the most part


also stop this, take a break and sleep ffs

This is fucking gay.

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AUG has new crosshair?

that was announced, in the first update

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Ye looks ebic!

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