2-round mapvote


Ayy, it’s me again with a new suggestion.

Here’s my proposal : editing the current mapvote solution to implement a 2-round voting system.

Quick summary
The 2-round voting system is used for elections in many countries and is not that complex : say you have a votemap consisting of 8 maps (don’t remember how many there are on the server, but it doesn’t really matter).

  • Round 1: everyone votes normally for their favorite map, and you end up with a representation of the “preferred” map, as in the single map that the most people regard as their favorite one. That’s where you would normally choose the most voted-for map, but here you don’t do that.
  • Round 2: you take the 2 most voted-for maps, and vote again, only on these 2 maps. The winner map is the most voted-for in this second round.

Why ?
There are a few situations that would justify switching to this system :

  • The votes are very spread across all maps. Say for example the maps available for vote are equally liked or disliked for the most part, and therefore there is no map that is exceedingly voted-for. Now, if for example some newbies randomly vote for one map that is really bad, that map can get chosen despite it being disliked by the majority : everyone is able to say that they love map X or Y, but no one said that they dislike map Z which was chosen. Another similar case is if a group of players decide to all vote for the same map, and in that case they do not represent the majority but they still win the vote.
  • An extension to the previous example : the ability to vote for map extensions. If once again the votes are spread out across all maps, say 80% of all 10 votes are to change for another map (so 8 players out of 10 want to change maps). However, each of the 8 maps has only one vote. The 2 remaining players voted for an extension, and despite 80% of players on the server wishing to switch maps, the map extension wins because it has the majority. If you use a 2-round voting system, the extension and another map get chosen for the second round, but the map change then gets chosen, and the 80% majority wins fairly.
  • You can look the rest of them up, but it is known that the single majority system has flaws, and the 2-round system will get you an overall preferred vote result for the whole population (an even better one is ordered voting but this is far-fetched for a mapvote).

If only one map gets voted for, there’s no need for a second round, the map immediately gets chosen.

One issue that I was told is that the mapvote is a bit long, and it will become longer with this. That is true, a few solutions I can think of right now would be to reduce its duration a bit, as well as remove the 5 seconds before loading a map and instead show the current map on the loading screen.

Sorry for the long explanation, but I’m trying to be clear. In my experience, this system works really well (used it on my server for 2 years).

That’s it ! Don’t hesitate to add ideas / criticism to this.

Bonus: how that looks like (taken from my old serv)


It’s an interesting idea, though I have an issue with it.

There’s already problems with some of the maps being chosen rarely (what’s Construction) while others are almost always on at least once a day (Rooftops is a huge example of this). With this system, maps that edge through thanks to the votes being split are at an even bigger disadvantage as even if they make it through to round 2, there’s a good chance it’s a popular map they’re up against.


On my server the solution I found for this is to log in a file a list of the last X played maps (in chronological order basically) and show in the mapvote the maps which haven’t been chosen in a long time (with a random factor to it).
Not perfect, some maps will still not be voted, but works quite well. I don’t know how it is currently being done here.
If one map keeps appearing but is never voted at all, I just remove it, while the other less played maps end up chosen because of this.


Yeaaaaah, but thing is, there are a lot of shitty maps.
Where online just goes away
Cough Suburbia Cough
And others.
I would really like some new maps. Kick Harry already and add new mappppsssssssssss

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The only time I would want a second vote is if in the first vote 1 map doesn’t get greater than 50% of the votes, but apart from that this seems good(Means I dont have to play fucking rooftops or suburbia)