23.06.2019 Patch Notes!

Hello everyone,
A new patch has just went live, with some balance changes, content, and bugfixes

Since it’s been either useless or broken for almost it’s whole existence, the detective UMP has been removed. It’s models and sounds have been used for a new gun, unboxable and usable by everyone

Shock ammo
By far one of the strongest D items, it’s been nerfed for now. I’m working on a possible rework for the future, but i cant promise anything
In the meantime, the shocking effect should throw your aim off less than it used to

Muzzle Velocity and Range
Stats that were near useless and unwanted on most guns, they clearly needed some changes. They received a 10% buff in effectiveness, making the maximum non corrupted 60.5% and corrutped 93.83%

Hitreg and damage multipliers
Hitreg received some fixes, and it’s still being worked on. In order to make it more consistent, Damage multiplier to the arms has been brought closer to the chest one

CCX edit: TerrorTrain map added to the main server, a navmesh will be done for present spawns pre birthday event.

As usual, balance is subject to change, and if you have any questions or have found smth to be unbalanced, either make a post in ttt suggestions (if you want it to be public) or just contact me on discord.

That’s it for now, have fun on the servers!


I know this will be a big ask but can we get more active items now for the D shop?

Past 2/3 credits you have everything you need and its abit straight forward what you get - Some choice would be nice


Even though you said it would happen, can we get an F for when UMP was OP as fuck.


finally the Shock ammo got nerved! (i mean i am only a year or more on the server ) It was to op!

Close the server.

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so we can unbox ump now? or later?

You will whenever it’s fixed, since the update causes some inv system glitches

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