24.07 Update

Since essence, new weapons, and mass unboxing changed up the meta a lot, there will be a new patch, mostly focused around balance (and some bugfixes)

Since acc was dominating as a third stat on a lot of guns, and also was one of the reasons why shotties were still op, even after all the nerfs, the boost itself got a 10% reduction on its max cap. Some guns, which were very dependand on that boost got small buffs, and also boost to your accuracy when aiming received a small buff to compensate for it too.

Muzzle and range
Those were the opposite, trash stats that were near harmless on a -. They both got a buff making their force multipliers 1.2 (with reload going from 1.15 to 1.2 to make it standard and simplify calculations).

Speed boost/hp boost is still the dominating meta, so we buffed the other 2 hats. Jump boosts max went to 30% from 25, and fall dmg got a 50% buff making its max a whooping 75% reduction.

Gambler received some changes, its dmg buff went to 20% from 10%, but its dmg received increase got doubled too. Also, to make it impossible to 1 shot with rifles and essence boosted dmg, it received scaling changes capping its max body damage at 95 (we are aware that it caused issues with headshots and stuff, but it should be fixed now)

Weapon balance
A lot of weapons received small changes, most should be unnoticable, but if you want to see the exact numbers for minmaxing reasons, the spreadsheet with stats is available here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y2eHwyidNatAoZ_hiIt2n0IQYXucta-Tg3a_pl0Bo7M/edit#gid=0. Also a lot of vessel changes, too many to get into them.

Apart from those small ones, m60’s ammo regeneration is slower now, to make killing half of the server in 10 seconds harder.

Those changes are pretty much a test now, and if any of them cause problems or are heavily disliked they might get reverted.


Nice, a gambler buff.
One shot shotty thyme intensivies

Other than the M60 regen nerf I don’t mind any of these changes.

Heskan go gambler panic pump for the ultimate combo

Lmao thats the worst i can think of
If im low health, the dmg buff doesnt work

Endgame yes

Honestly didn’t think you would work that out, well done

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