3.06.2019 Hotfix!


Thanks to your feedback and help we were able to spot some bugs and unbalanced items.

Big Bertha - Ammo regen should work properly now

P228 - increased recoil (1.5-1.55) and lowered headshot multiplier (3-2.6), but lowered delay (0.28-0.27)

Also rounded up shotties accuracy, shouldnt be a noticable diffrence.

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is this added on the next map change or what?


Added live. Should take place when you pick up new guns.




Extra accuracy and slower reload


Remove crummy cradle and indeed all maps and indeed every feature and stop paying for the dedicated server and go on a hunger strike without a cause.


I’m furious.


M3 Garand always starts with 10 bullets, so you have to find some rifle ammo to reload to get 15 (unless you have infinity). Might just be M1 in general, but I’m not sure.


Ivan is working on it. It shall be fixed. I have been annoying him about it.



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