502 error loading screen when joining

Bug description:loading screen bug
Steps to reproduce: idk
Screenshots (If applicable):

This is also happening to the message of the day screen too!

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@meharryp lol your shit broke

Yes it’s happening but to not get that when trying to load up the forums is to just go to recent pages and click on that is recent and there you go.

By the way I’m guessing it’s happening in the forums too.

I mean its not a really dangerous thing or anything, happend for me long time ago but its fine now

Unless it causes problems for you of course

no it’s not a problem i was just letting people know about it :smile:

This has happened a load of times. Don’t think it’s a big problem. (oh nvm you knew it wasnt)

now a problem!!! tryed to go to store a look at the VIP and see if i was going to buy but the 502 error came up again!!!

It’s an issue only Harry can fix. It is known. He will fix it when he can.

okay thanks

Not sure if work but try to restart the page couple of times, if not working try restarting Gmod or do it in google but not ingame incase that happens again

ill try now and see. i’ll tell you lot if it works

after opening the store 10 times there were no problems store is back up!!!

Harry got back not long ago and fixed the issue. He’d been out all day so hadn’t been able to fix it.

yup all is fixed thanks harry