A Big Ol' Suggestion Post with added bacon


I am putting together one big post that has a large number of GOOD suggestions, be it ones that are being written here or are just links to good forum posts. Don’t worry, it comes with a contents list so you can skip the things you don’t care for. This will be updated occasionally with new ideas people give me. Also for the sake of getting this noticed, @mehairypenis. Wait let me try that again. @meharryp. If a section name is crossed out, I still need to remove it because it’s been added or de-confirmed.


-1 New Weapons/Exotics
-1.1 Weapons
-1.2 Exotics
-2 Unique Weapons
-2.1 Unique Weapons
-2.2 Unique Weapons - Exotics
-3 Crowbar Models
-4 Detective/Traitor Items
-5 Hat/Mask Trade-In
-6 New Grenades
-7 Skins with Stats
-8 Balance Updates
-9 Quest Update Suggestion
-10 Marketplace Updates
-11 Some Assorted Suggestions
-12 Various

1 New Weapons/Exotics

1.1 Weapons

This is currently empty. Information will be placed in here when I stop scratching my arse.

1.2 Exotics

This is currently empty. Information will be placed in here when I stop sniffing crushed up Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

2 Unique Weapons

2.1 Unique Weapons

Unique weapons would be similar in concept to Exotics, having set stats and but instead of being high rarity would be of a purple rarity. There would be a 10% chance that a purple tier weapon drop would be replaced with a unique weapon.


It’s a bow. Hold the fire button to draw it back and let go to fire. 1 shot per clip. Distance traveled depends on how long it is held back.

(Thanks to @Torterra1111 for the idea)

Gatling Gun

Extremely high firerate, very high clipsize, very low damage. Regenerates ammo like the HUGE.

(Thanks to @player_135 for the idea)

Grappling Hook

Fire it at a surface to attach it to that surface. Goes up to a set distance (say, 100m). Doesn’t hit the target instantly, however, so not always useful when falling. Detaches from targetted surface after 15 seconds. You can pull yourself to where you have attached it. Plays a sound when fired (maybe a metallic clink or something).

(Thanks to Cpt. Vagan for this, tell me your account on here and I’ll give it a proper link)

Half-Life 2 Crossbow

Uses the model of the Half-Life 2 Crossbow. 1 shot per clip, and uses rifle ammo. Does 60 damage per shot and isn’t hitscan. Insta-kill on headshot without health boost (120 damage).

(Thanks to @ManeGunner6 for this one as well as the exotic, also how’s your horn?)

2.2 Unique Weapons - Exotics

Introduce new Exotics based on the unique weapons. For the Exotic Trade-in feature, the recipe for each of these could be the base Unique Weapon + 1 specified Exotic.

Grappling Hook “The Toddler”

Exactly the same as the Grappling Hook, except the sound played is a fart sound.

Half-Life 2 Crossbow “Shotbow”

Fires 5 projectiles per shot, each doing 20 base damage (40 headshot). These shots are inaccurate. 1 shot per clip.

3 Crowbar Models

Since crowbar skins aren’t particularly interesting, a new feature that could be brought in is alternate crowbar models instead. These would have no difference in base stats, and would be applied and acquired how skins currently are. Listed below are some examples:

-Ban hammer
-Biscuit packet
-Baseball bat
-Frying pan
-Giant anime sword
-Minecraft Pickaxe
-“No fun” sign
-Saitama’s glove
-TF2 Demoman bottle
-Toilet paper

(Too many people gave suggestions for this one so not pinging everyone)

4 Detective/Traitor Items

4.1 Detective

Footstep Finder

Shows footsteps.
1 credit.


Shoot player (they take 1 damage).
Shows location of player shot.
Can only track 1 player at a time.
30 second length.
1 credit.

4.2 Traitor

Silenced Pistol

Make it a 2 shot on the head.

Gravity Changer

Changes the gravity of the hit target (5 settings: very low, low, normal, high, very high).
10 clip.
1 credit.

Invisibility Cloak

Makes you invisible.
Cannot fire weapons.
Switching held item/weapon ends it prematurely.
Ending prematurely requires full recharge time.
30 second length.
30 second recharge time.
1 credit.


Throwable javelin.
1 hit to kill on head, 2 on body.
Plays a sound clip when fired.
Have users record them saying “WHAPOON” in various ways for sound clips.
2 per purchase.
1 credit.

4.3 Both


Require at least 1% fuel to negate fall damage.


Creates a hologram version of you where you activate it.
Shows your name when hovered over.
Disappears upon being shot.
1 credit.

Ninja Smoke Grenade

Larger smoke grenade.
Instant effect upon throwing down.
15m radius.
20 second length.
1 credit.

Stun Sphere

10m radius.
Anyone walking through the affected area will be slowed down by 75%, except the user.
1 minute length.
1 use.
1 credit.

5 Hat/Mask Trade-In

Don’t know how I forgot this because I came up with it, but whatever. This post does a good job of showing off the concept.

Justification - This would make fashion hunting more involved as players would be able to choose what kind of hat/mask they would want, and encourage more players to create custom hats/masks to be added.

6 New grenades

This was something discussed on Discord recently - a flashbang is an obvious choice because it does no damage but can be used tactically. A frag grenade is an option but probably a bad one. Perhaps a larger and more powerful discombob could be a new T weapon.

(I’ll be updating this one at a later point when people give good suggestions)

7 Skins with Stats

For this one I will just link to the post @ajgunstone made:

8 Balance Updates

Have regular (once every 1-2 months) updates that address weapon balance. Tone down some overpowered weapons, make bad weapons more usable, make minor adjustments to some, etc. Exotics would also benefit from some balancing. Some are underpowered (m3 Garand), would be overpowered if things like shotguns were nerfed (Dual Mac10s), and some are pretty much useless (Big Bertha). Exotics shouldn’t be overpowered but should also be able to do well in a fight.

9 Quest Update Suggestion

I recently wrote a forum post on how the quest system could be updated:

10 Marketplace Updates

For this one, I will again link to the post made on this, this time made by the lovely duck-lover @CCX9010. There are some lovely suggestions in here.

11 Random Assorted Suggestions

Wasn’t sure how to name this, but it fits I guess. It’s some weapon suggestions, exotics, balancing, etc. courtesy of the great leader of our glorious Russia, @Ivan:

12 Various

This is the section for things that don’t really fit in any of the categories, and also don’t have forum posts explaining them.

!dance Command

Forces a player to dance. They can still shoot.

Coming soon: justifications for everything

New Exotic pistol

Harry Ples say something about doing something about this

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something about doing something about this


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Instead of having to implement the whole family share check thing, it might be easier to make the starter pack a 1 time purchase of a very low amount, maybe around the same price as extended tags? I feel like people are less likely to spoof stuff if it costs them money, even if it is a very low amount. Problem with that would be that it would then be less available to the newer members, I suppose. Actually, this idea has several flaws. Still gonna suggest it though.


Harry’s already shown that he can use the family share check, and Harry has already done it anyway so…

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The thing with that is: harry is making starter kits to attract more players. The intire point of the kits is that they are free so the new players are not at a disadvantage. If it would cost money only people who already play on the server would buy them, because they know what to expect


Added new things, including D/T items, fixed the sorting, and removed the tutorial since it has been added.

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Dissolve the server.


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