A Deaglers Tale and Introduction to Harry's Mod

Hi I’m deagle doug. I Play TTT… with a deagle.

Okay, okay, there’s a bit more too it than that. I’ve played ttt for a long time and I wasn’t always the deagler you see now. I used to have more of a Laissez-faire playstyle. It was more based around shotguns. As time went by I picked up the rifle and slowly learned how to hit targets moving predictably. I slowly began playing with the rifle more and more until I got good with it. I also became staff on that server but that’s not what this is about. At that point I picked up on an automatic rifle called the G3. I didn’t play with the normal g3 though I played with a silenced version of the weapon that had perfect accuracy. after a month more of playing with it, I ascended into a flick shot murdering machine. I became the “fake gmod hacker”. After a while, and a few long forgotten controversies though, I quit gmod.

After another year / year and a half I came back with none of the aim I used to have and instead used the shotgun mainly on a server where it was heavily over tuned and everything else was either in base form or heavily lowered base stats. (this was in a time before mote or weapon servers). I slowly became good with the shotgun and became a mod on that server. the point shop system in that server is what could be referred to as pay to win. w/ jump boosts and speed boosts hidden behind donations. in retrospect however the jump boost served more for mobility and less for combat as it made predictable movement as you fell back down. Either way I eventually got access to a weapon called the “Golden Deagle” as staff. on the server it was considered hot garbage but, it really wasn’t. It had perfect accuracy, low base damage (still one shot headshot), and incen ammo. which put together wasn’t actually as good as it sounds for 2 reasons. when you hit body with it did 25 damage, 30 after the burn. secondly it had to compete w/ one shot shotties that had decent fire rate. By one shot, I mean one shot shotties, I mean insta kill body shot from midish range.

I didn’t really pick up the golden deagle, until I found an exploit with it. You could silence it’s shots by reloading as you shot. It still wasn’t really that good though compared to shotties. As I got more used to the deagle I started sniping w/ it. Eventually I became the silent deagle sniper, and a while after that I made a steam group named Deagle Co. I made this group in a attempt to get better at the game by only using deagles. I got people on board and got a good portion of the server to join me. Holy shit was it fun. But as that server slowly died, I quit staffing there, and quit gmod again.

One day though I came back when nostalgia hit me. I thought It’d be fun to deagle again… So I looked for a server where I might have fun doing so. I looked at moat for a few minutes and got off as fast as I came on. I looked more and eventually stumbled on this server. When I came on I wasn’t really sure if this is what I wanted to do. But I made up my mind with a definitive yes. So Here I am The deagler who once was a “auto sniper” turned “silent deagler” turned normal deagler.

I am going to try and revive Deagle Co. though. Maybe one of you will join me… :wink:

Thanks for reading through this, and I hope you enjoyed the tale of a deagler.


I would love to join Deagle Co.

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I have a question though: Can no-scope rifles be added into Deagle Co?

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Yes, No scope rifles can be added in


I am glad I joined Deagle Co.
A lot of fun and a lot more lucky headshots, I do recommend this to anyone and everyone.
I would’ve never thought I would find deagles so much fun with my atrocious aim but I was proven wrong and would gladly spread the Deagle Co. name to anyone interested.

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