A little competition with prizes (Genesis)

Hello, i’m back to give shit away. However this time, it isn’t just a giveaway, but a competition in a game!
Everyone will have a week (and a few days lol) of prep time, to familiarize yourself with the game and practice. I will be holding a 1v1 elimination style tournament at the end of said week.

What is the game you may be asking? Why, its a free to play game on roblox (however it plays really well) known as Arsenal. (This is because it’s free, and easy to run, so everyone will have a fair shot at winning!)

What is the prize? My Famas (98 light bolt, 94 low cal, 84 high cal) and, if someone impresses me enough or we have more than 16 people joining, my egg gun (you will receive easter bullets and a level 99 long barrel on my ak) However, if less than 6 people participate, you will only receive a small scrap prize (anywhere from 25k-100k)

The winner will be the person who win’s the final 1v1, and 2nd place will probably receive a small prize of a decent gun or some scrap.

Gamelink: Arsenal - Roblox

I also have a private server, where you can learn from me how to play, as well as practice in matches against your fellow competitors! If I’m online on discord, feel free to ping me to play with me!

Private Server: Arsenal - Roblox


  1. No ghosting
  2. No exploiting
  3. No teaming
  4. Anything I determine to be unfair can be used to remove you from the bracket.
    Any rules broken will result in an instant disqualification.

If you intend to enter, simply comment in some form saying “ill join” or something similar within the week.
Date of match: Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Looking forward to a little competition among the community! Good luck everyone!

Current Entries: 1 (Comexx)

Due to a lack of participants, this giveaway will not be happening. Your loss folks, no egg gun for you!

1v1 me roblox

good luck to whoever wins

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1v1 me on Genital Jousting

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friendo, respectfully, you don’t want the smoke.

I must resign

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lol lol lol lol lol lmfao, unclear body?