A question


So today I have been slain 2 rounds for “RDMing a traitor” and as far I see I see it as unjustified. I just want to know if I was truly wrong in here or not. I will explain the situation:

iSuck and some other polish guy got into a gun fight in the spawn. I was watching the whole fight, though I didn’t saw how it started exactly. I didn’t shoot any of them until iSuck has IDed the body, and it turned out to be an innocent guy. So I started shooting iSuck because he killed an innocent, so that means he’s a T, right? He tried to explain how he shot him first, but I have seen a lot of times when Ts used such excuse and in the end they turned out to be really Ts. Many people killed people Ts in such situation too, but turns out this time I was wrong for some reason. iSuck reported me for RDMing him and then I got warned by Manegunner for RDMing a traitor. Mane told me that I was in the wrong. Here’s the chat in the game after I see I got warned:

You to admins: All I saw was that he killed an innocent, how could I knew the other guy was rdming?
ManeGunner6 to You: From you possibly fucking paying attention?
You to ManeGunner6: What do you mean? He could be also lying about that the person first started shooting??
ManeGunner6 to You: Firstly, he wasn’t.
ManeGunner6 to You: I triplechecked logs.
You to admins: And how do I know that?
ManeGunner6 to You: F8.
You to admins: >.<
You to admins: It was in the middle of a round
ManeGunner6 to You: At round end.
You to admins: What do you mean??? He killed him in the mid game, I can’t check logs in mid game
You to admins: There is no reason for me to not kill him

The chat goes on but there aren’t important details anymore.

Now here’s where I don’t understand Mane’s logic. Apparently I should have known that the polish guy was trying to RDM the Traitor by checking the logs while I am alive at the same round when the T got into a fight with the innocent, which makes no sense to me. Can someone else from the staff clarify how I am wrong? Or did Mane do a mistake? I also tried to ask Mane why he thinks I did a bad choice by killing the T, but his answer was “ManeGunner6 to You: WAIT OUT THE SLAYS OR GTFO”. At the end of our conversation he got mad at me for trying to clarify. So because he didn’t clarify it for me, I came here in the forums to look for the answer.


Your logic is really fucking stupid considering you made two posts saying how lazy staff are for not being on when RDMers do their bidding , yes killing an innocent is traitorous activity and is kosable but you have to be really special to kill someone who killed an rdmer because you thought he was a traitor for killing him.

you even said it yourself , killing rdmers gets you banned so you basically straight up rdm’d him going with your messed up logic because he’s killed an rdmer.
The slays are completely justified and dont make a post complaining about 2 miserable slays.


Well if he killed an innocent you had every right to kill him and i don’t see why you got slayed from the info you have given above. :thinking:


At the time I didn’t knew that was the rdmer. I only got to know he was mass rdmer when he got permabanned later on. Don’t act smart like you know everything, cause it really looks like that you are arrogant. Take a look at yourself from different angel.

And if you didn’t saw what I said at the start of my post - No, I didn’t made a thread just because of two slays. I would never do such thing.


Yeah, it’s super strange. The admin didn’t want to discuss about my slays further which let me extremely confused. Hopefully someone from staff can explain what’s wrong in this situation.




Nah we are all too lazy to explain x


You are fully aware your reasoning for how you acted boils down to “I thought he was a traitor”, right?


So first you say rdming rdmers is okay, next you say ‘nope he killed an inno so he MUST BE T’?



Wtf? How could I know he was the rdmer? You are acting so silly right now, there are multiple reasons why he was a T for sure. One of the reasons is that there was staff at the time, so if there was truly an rdmer he would have been taken care of way before.

I am saying rdming rdmers is okay ONLY if there are no staff around or aren’t willing to come. Please listen to everything what I say, and don’t take small parts from my sentences and make it a statement.


Oh, so should he be innocent since he killed an another innocent? Doesn’t make sense to me. I saw him kill an innocent, therefore it’s right for me to think he was a traitor.


So I’m lazy AND acting silly? Wow thanks


So just let me get this straight
dont kill someone that tries to rdm you while there is staff and when no its fine to rdm them?
i cant see the logic in that or are you thinking that this is the same as moat and that the report system doesnt work unless there is a staff on?
if you kill the person that tried to kill you you can report them for attempted RDM and staff woint punish you for self defence. or are oyu suggesting to just rdm the person that rdmed you in the next round? please explain to me your logic as i cant understand it


I am not sure about the lazy part, but you do seem silly at times because you keep distorting of what I’m saying.


No, you can defend yourself but don’t cry and report me because someone killed you as you shot an innocent. No one saw the start of the shooting; who shot first, so the most logical decision to be made is to shoot the other person who has shot the innocent, because we don’t know if that was an actual or rdm. If it was an rdm, then we can solve it after the round ends(or during the round).
You shouldn’t rdm anyone at all, unless (imo) in special cases where there is a huge t baiter and the staff are busy and can’t come. It’s a bit more rare situation but in my opinion if the t baiter or rdmer keeps ruining the game it’s better to kos the person at the start of the round so he won’t ruin all these games.
I hope I explained clearly, if not, ask again.




But… Why not give it a few seconds to see what the person says after killing? Killing them before they even get a chance to explain themselves is fucking dumb.

Let me guess the response I’ll get: “But they might start shooting me”


alright geuss i didnt explain it well enough if a random innocent starts shooting you and you defend yourself and then id the body and see he is innocent, and your about to complain about it until your randomly shot by some random twat named twilight cuz you killed an innocent? if they didnt id the body after wards then fair play thats a reason to shoot them but at least give someone the chance to talk before you do anything because you never know if you didnt watch the shooting start you cannot know who to shoot and will be considered rdm if you shoot the winner.
now lemme create a custom scenario for ya and i would like a answer what you would do
someone killed someone in the traitor room and id’d the body which turned out to be a T and he opens the T room for other people. but what would you do when the t room suddenly opens and he hasnt said anything


If you would read carefully what I have said you would find the answer.


For your custom scenario my answer would be just don’t kill him even if he opens the T room while he’s inside.

You mentioned that I need to give others time to talk why they killed someone, but when I start explaining why I shot someone when someone was trying to rdm me, most of the times people still kill me regardless of my answer.