A small poll

What is the best traitor weapon

  • Jetpack
  • Radar
  • Radio
  • That thing that no one uses
  • Knife
  • Body armour
  • Flare gun
  • Teleporter
  • Disguiser
  • Physgun
  • Go fuck yourself Whip
  • Turret
  • Incendiary ammo
  • The ‘Abuse’ crowbar
  • C4

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I mean jet pack is the most useful but I’m loyal to my knife :joy:

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Where the fuck is the ladder at? Luke come on. We all know that the ladders are the best weapons to use. It even killed like a few dets before.


Ladders gonna lad.

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Ok so I said like come on and it changed it to Luke come on. I dont know how or why but ok. Ripd the autocorrect.

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I appreciate the mention anyway! :stuck_out_tongue::joy:

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