A weapon idea: PREFIXES!


33% to spawn on any unboxed weapon of legendary rarity. Can pay 15k to spawn a “prefixinator” that will have a 66% chance to assign your weapon with a prefix. Some examples of prefixes would be: Quickswapping - decreases your weapons swap speed, Reserve - allows your weapon to spawn with full ammo reserves at the beginning of every round and Lightweight - increases your movement speed and jump height by 5% when the weapon is held out. Stattrak could spawn as a prefix if that is implemented at some point. In my opinion, the prefixes shouldn’t directly increase the dps of the weapon.

When the weapon is in your inventory it would appear as “Quickswapping Maximus” or “Reserve Corrupted Nobel” and once you renamed it would appear as “(name) (Lightweight P90)”.

Tell me if you think it’s a shit idea or a good one.


its not bad but i have an issue with it personaly
its RNG (unboxing a legendary) on top of RNG (it being good) on top of RNG (getting the prefixinator) on top of RNG (good prefix)


Also, there could be some negative prefixes such as Heavy etc…


You have a point ivan

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Maybe if the prefixinator was a 100% chance so there was a way you could force the good prefix on your favourite gun without it being as RNG dependant. So you could get it naturally by being lucky, or if your luck is bad then you could just buy it. Obviously there’s still the issue of whether or not you get a good prefix so idk.


So basically the idea isn’t Prefixes as they already exist in the game for the different rarities, I see what you’re trying to do but I’m not sure how you’d end up with more than one prefix on a weapon without it looking silly. How about on the weapon stats there’s an extra slot at the bottom for augments where these prefixes and effects on the weapons (UNUSUAL SKINS) could be added?

My point earlier is that a Corrupted Lightweight Black-Market AK-47 is a bit of a mouthful.


Yeah ^, maybe this could go with the improved weapon cards idea

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didnt even read it but seeing as its hennerz’s idea it has to be good so you have my support sir


Agreed, hennerz always has good ideas

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put on skins

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