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I have seen around here topics mocking MOAT, and some other GMOD TTT servers, even I jumped on the bandwagon. I would like to know why is that?

Because, Frankly moat is stupid and the guy who leads that community is a mong.

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I don’t condone or support mocking other communities as i don’t have a lot of knowledge about many of them.
I do lean toward condoning mocking other communities though as many lack the problems Moat has.

That said the one’s I have seen I don’t like the inventory systems of nearly as much.

I can only speak for myself but that’s what I’d say in terms of why I play Hmod, why i dislike Moat, and don’t play on other servers.

People just want to voice their opinion on other ttt servers and that’s perfectly fine.

this BASICALLY describes the rise and fall of moat.gg
may this be a cautionary tale of why you shouldn’t do drugs kids.

As to why we all hate moat, This + hes a greedy cunt who floods the server browser with servers that is taking players from harry who wants more players to spend money. Harry is poor too - Lazy sure - but he too has a life and uni that needs paid

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Wow, that was one hell of a reading. Thanks for the info.

Isn’t moat going to shit atm? I joined their discord for free stuff but it’s just constant @everyone pings insulting each other. Tbf if it’s falling apart, someone should swoop in and buy the servers out on the cheap.

Not sure someone’d be willing 2 w/ the condition it’s in. The real developers have left, the discord isn’t in the owners control, and Moat is likely only going to Downhill from there. If your want to ask which Moat the server or person, i’d say both.

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I’d just buy it to see how shit the code is if I had the money


I mean if a rival buys them out then that’s moat done for good.

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