Addon suggestion: MapPatcher


Hi !

Here’s a suggestion for an addon I really appreciated on my TTT server that Muffin told me to suggest : MapPatcher.
It used to be sold on GMS then the owner decided to open-source it, and it’s available here.

Here’s the deal : this addon provides a simple tool to delimit areas and volumes of any shape. With this tool, you are provided with multiple brush types : player clips, prop clips, normal clips, bullet clips, forcefields, hurt / kill clips, remover, you get the point. So, here are some use cases :

  • Block access to some map exploits / areas that should not be reached
  • Prevent camping in T rooms / other areas where that shouldn’t happen (by gradually hurting the player over time till he leaves / dies)
  • Prevent players from carrying props in elevators / spots where collisions can cause server lag / crashes

And so on. You can easily create custom brushes so the possibilities are limitless, for example I created a “warn” brush that would put a huge warning in front of the screen when a player entered the nuclear launch button zone on ttt_nukehouse_b6 (to warn that they could RDM the whole server if they were Innocent :smiley:).

That’s it. I saw players use these “exploits” quite a few times so I though it would be interesting to suggest.


If you could add waterworld and use this to stop the lag the server would be even better then it already is :slight_smile:


You don’t want the warning to tell people that they could RDM the whole server, as that will guarantee the RDM of the whole server

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It would definitely be fun for some time!


If it works the way you’re saying it does, then it would be a really great idea tbh.

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