Ajgunstone buy time


Ello, I want to buy and sell the following:
Hats / Masks:

Top hat with burning flames and speed / health
A mask with burning flames with speed / health, the specific masks as follows;
The higher on the list, the more I’m willing to pay.
-Clock mask
-Baby Mask
-Mine Mask
-Face Punch Logo
-Anything else I doubt I will buy, but ask me anyway >;)

Yeah I’m selling this for mega bucks.
Epic picture quality >:)

Item id is: 298201105

I’m primarily looking to pay in scrap for the hats but I can offer my current hats aswell:


And for payment for the shot gun I am looking for non-corrupted legendarys with at least damage and firerate, along with some scrap >:) Here’s the guns I am looking for:

Famas - 1 for 1 if its fr rate dmg and clip :slight_smile:
M1 garand

Gimme stuff thanks


Very Interesting, Harumph