An introduction?


I used to play Harry’smod- a long time ago, probably back in 2011-2013? I used to play with Harry on TTT and eventually Jailbreak, and I’ve only really popped up around here because I wanted to see how things were doing. Having seen Harry’s moved away, it does make me sad- but we’re all to grow up eventually. I missed playing with fantastic people like Harry or Vegeta, and this is just more of a pilgrimage to the first server on Garry’s mod that I really interacted with. From being a regular on the TTT server, to helping open the jailbreak server and playing it as a SA, times were fun.

Hello though! It’s good to see the name still going strong, and I hope the community’s doing well.



Harry’s Mod started in 2017…

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I’m still watching :eyes:

This is simply not true, harrysmod started and closed some time before this.

Hey man, good to see you :japanese_ogre:

There’s a reason this is HarrysMod V3

rondal is time travler
he has his epic magic machine to play garrymod servers

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