Applying for Trial Staff / Helper AND some General Information on What Helpers do

1st thing to note is: If you apply currently the odds are against you.
However, as always you still have a chance and it never hurts to show interest.

To apply for staff you send a staff member a pm or private message here (on the forums). You title the message staff application / helper application and if your feeling spastic you can put your name in front. (This is an example: Doug’s Staff Application).

If your next question is how do I private message someone I got you. you start by going into a forum post and left clicking on a staff members name. A popup should appear with some information about their profile. From there, hit message in the top right of the popup and congrats you did it! type your shit out in the box at the bottom. Don’t worry about only that one person seeing your application. The staff member you send it to will add other people to your message and they’ll +1,-1, or be neutral on your application.

In the body of the message you put reasons you would be staff. Shit like staffing on other server, playing hours other staff aren’t on, ect. should go here. You should also put your in-game name in the body paragraph. If your feeling spicy maybe even add your steamid (you don’t have too, but it doesn’t hurt).

If you want to add your motivation for applying for staff, feel free to.

If your curious about what a helper does here are some of our responsibilities.
Handling rdm by reading and reviewing reports, stopping chat spammers (xd) and mic spammers (ask for them to stop spamming once or twice and then gag/mute), stopping personal feuds in chat (like 2 people who won’t get over a report in 2-3 rounds), keeping names on readable/translatable and written in english (note periods, apostrophes, and other names like that count into the pile of people you ask change your name), ask players to be respectful of one another (as in don’t permit people to start calling others, braindead cunts you wish had committed suicide (or other over aggressive statements like this) with malicious intent, if not w/ malicious intent as long as both player understand and are in on will generally be a joke, it’s okay).

If i’m missing any information or you have additional questions ask below and i’ll do my best to be of aid.

Thanks for Reading!

Ps: Fuck You <3

Pss: And a thank you to Spondo w/ a recommendation to update this post.


You are not guaranteed a response. Sometimes we leave them sitting for months until we need more trial-Staff. So don’t bug us if there’s no response for a while.


However people are idiots so having a more recent thing won’t be too bad


This post will keep getting longer and longer as i update it.

would appreciate some comments xd

Here have a comment :cold_face::hot_face:/5.34//5.34/


a note on the first comment by rhys, we are close to staff saturation, so if you do apply for it, we will probably ignore you for a while as we probably have enough. hopefully.


implying we don’t ignore everyone anyway


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