Attachment suggestions

Hey there, it’s Royal and now that I’ve seen the new attachments ( scope and silencer) I’ve thought about a few other possible attachments with pros and cons for each one:

  1. Forward handgrip: if you’re not familiar with this attachment, instead of holding the barrel you hold a stick Attached to the barrel. This will give extra stability, meaning less recoil but will be heavier which will give more reload time (shouldn’t be given to all guns)
  2. Extended magazine: as the name says, will give between 10-20% more clip size but will result in higher recoil, making spraying with the weapons harder to control.
  3. x16 scope: unlike the scope that was added, this will be always on with different modes x4, x8 and x16. Will give incredible accuracy at long range but will be difficult to work with in CQC.
  4. Telescopic stock: the stock is the part which is in contact with you shoulder and gives stability, telescopic stocks allow you to fold the stock to make it smaller, it will give a slight speed boost because of weight but will result in a higher recoil when using the gun.

These are just a few suggestions, they might be completely crap but I would love to hear if you got any suggestions of your own.
Have a great day!


I like trains.


The loudener, either makes the gun louder or stops nearby players ability to hear


Automatic reciever, makes any weapon go full auto, giving it like a +5 firerrate but a harsh -30 in recoil and accuracy

Maybe this way things such as an automatic m1 meme could be done. <.<


ok hang about this isnt an aids fps game with 213812 attachments


Another attachment idea:
Tripod: gives extra stability, much less recoil but when applied you move extremely slow (-90% speed) you should be able to fold the tripod when you want to move again, the gun will go back to being normal.

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