Badger Lotto (not a scam)


1000 scrap for a ticket
winner is drawn on mondays
winner gets 75% of pool or 1500 if less than 1000 scrap
you can buy tickets from Badger or Momo send us an item and 1001 scrap
we send it back with the 1 scrap
we do accept items that add up to 1000 scrap, if it doesnt add up you will receive no refund same with if u send less than 1000 scrap for a ticket
you can send any combination of scrap and items for a ticket
you need to be part of the harrysmod discord or preferably the badger lotto discord https://discord.gg/YWfhppa
if your name is different on discord please warn us
if you are not seen in 3 after being tagged on the discord for winning your prize will be forfeit, using the excuse my name was changed and i was on will not get you your prize
Good luck


Both Llama and Vladimir have won so far


im going to give this the biggest YIKES

Scamming Badger doing a lotto lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


love you too bb


It would be better if we all agreed t do jackpot because then badger gets no cut of the prize money.


This sounds like a good idea, can u do a reminder at some point before the draw? I might enter


Idk bro kinda SEEMS like a scam :confused:


Anything llama manages to win in is clearly RIGGED


there is already a gambling option in harrysmod called jackpot which is basically the same but you can put as much money as you want and badger and momo dont get a percentage of it (this is basically what jacob said but explained a bit further)


True, and I do prefer roulette, think it’s just cos I haven’t done any betting for a month or so

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