Balancing and bugfixes!


Thanks to hard work from @Ivan (and the testing of a few community members) we’re re-balancing practically every weapon. Some things you’ll notice are that shotguns do more consistent damage with a lower damage ceiling than before, the M1 is significantly stronger than before, and using ironsights is more rewarding than before, the HUGE has an increased ammo regeneration rate, and crowbars have a faster base rate of fire and smaller push cooldown.
The balance is subject to change so if you find something over or underpowered, or glitched, contact me or ivan.

You can see and compare the weapon changes here:

There’s also a few minor exotic changes:

  • Tranq rifle now fires slightly faster
  • Dual Mac10s have slightly more recoil and spread
  • Big Bertha has a higher initial of fire and takes less time to reach it’s max firerate, and also has an increased clipsize
  • M3 Garand has a higher rate of fire and faster burst speed
  • Warlord has a slightly higher firerate but slightly higher recoil
  • Rab-Wroc has had it’s push cooldown slightly reduced.

And finally, bugfixes and assorted changes people dont care about!

  • Mass unboxing no longer disconnects you if you have a large enough inventory (it also no longer crashes other people)
  • GMod will actually blink it’s window again once a round starts and you aren’t in spectator
  • Hitreg has been improved, especially for high ping players
  • Some unobtainable exotics now have proper descriptions (Thanks @CCX9010)
  • Certain special ranks now have their own rank colour (CCX again)
  • uhhhh i think ccx also added some new legendary names i think giving him code access was a mistake

And if you got this far, please enjoy a friendly reminder that next month, HarrysMod turns 2! We’ll be bringing back last years birthday event, and a meaty chunk of new content to keep you satisfied for a few months.


What the fuck not even a mention. I’m going on strike.

Till I finish college work, cause M3 GARAND BABY.

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sorry I forgot about the major feature you added


Are you telling me that i was writing the patch notes in detail for half an hour, on a phone, at 3 am and you were first?
Also you forgot that aug has a new scope and now you hold the Mac 10 in a much cooler way


It’s 4am.

I’m furious.


Also worth noting, feel free to contact me about balance issues as well. I am always available to take stuff forward, incase Harry or Ivan are both offline/ignoring you because you smell.


Oh, don’t worry, Rhys. I will.


For those interested in values before the changes see below.


oi that was supposed to be an Easter Egg. Also, screw you I’m great.


Comrad the spreadsheet has both pre and post patch values


How so? Is it far more accurate than before or less recoil or what?


Accuracy buff.


Acc, recoil, and aiming is quicker


:fire: :tada: SILENCED PISTOL BUFF :tada: :fire:


This yes

This, so much. Used it once when I first joined the server, stopped using it afterwards. Not worth it currently.
Dmg / HS multiplier buff is needed IMO. I think what would be perfect is just enough to kill on headshot (except for players wearing armor), while still maintaining a not-too-high accuracy to prevent its use as a scopeless sniper rifle.


It’s been buffed in this patch


so is it gonna be worth using now or just a thing you buy to get more 9mn ammo


It’s quite strong

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Make it the silencer sound but with sound level 500 :]