Ban apeal from TTT

i was falsly banned by the users: hit,blamealex
they rdmd me and my Eat puncakes
they infact started to rdm us and no staff replied we request they will be banned and you unban me due there being unsafition proof of me even doing anything we did kill them once or tvice for rdming us but that is all i love the server and i hope you unban/respond asap

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if your name is cyka nugget in game then you were not falsely banned, hit brought it to the staff’s attention that you were rdming whilst staff were offline for no reason this included but not limited to , casual rdm, revenge rdm , teamkilling as t

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I team killed but only with the reason being that bouth alex and hit were bouth randomly shoting me so I did it in self defense and hit started rdming so I do don’t understand why he reported me and his friend alex helped him with rdming me and my friend and kept saying they will report me altho if I am accused of this I don’t get why they blame me but not me and my friend since we bouth were involved in this rdming

I really don’t care for you’re opinion if you don’t even add something useful to the topic

well here is something useful for ya try again in a few weeks

and also nick is probably gonna be staff soon so i would get on his good side :grinning:

I don’t get how self defense killing makes me get a perma ban

If I can get a proper explanation of what happened and a appeal that was made by someone who really wanted to be unbanned then I would consider aiding you in your journey. I would like to help you since you said you were killing in self defense and you were banned for that, but since my opinion does not matter, you can find someone fucking else.

@Chrism14x Can you post a screenshot of the logs that showed where he was RDMing, on this thread?

Sidenote: I was not the one who banned him nor do I have any insight on what actually happened so I am going to take a step back and let daddy Chris handle this. I didn’t realize that the first reply on this thread was Chris and I thought that it was a continuation of nugget’s appeal.

sure, i was the one that handled the ban on the evidence here:20171102160759_1 - Copy!20171102160735_120171102160810_120171102160813_120171102160632_1 - Copy20171102160755_1 - Copy20171102160755_1 - Copy20171031170252_1 - Copy20171102160810_120171102160813_120171102160759_1 - Copy20171102160632_1 - Copy20171102160735_120171102160638_120171102160720_1
there was a lot of evidence and there is probably more if you wanna look for yourself (2/11/17: 11-12 AM)

This player did Mass RDM. Although some of these are possibly revenge RDMs, it is still RDM which is against the rules. This player was not wrongfully banned and deserved the ban that he/she has received. However, if you make a new topic stating how sorry you are for RDMing on the server and stating that you will not do it again, I see no reason why @Chrism14x couldn’t reduce your ban to a week or two.

Well, problem solved. It’s up to @cykanuggets now.

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back to the earlier comment of “try again in a few weeks” :sun_with_face::clap:

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I did revenge rdm just because I kept getting killed/shot when round starts

you should have just reported it like @s1dewalk did otherwise its pointless since you did most of if not all of the rule breaking

he kept following me in prepertaion and aiming for my head

that means nothing except your paranoid or you just don’t care about rdm

Yes I followed you with a deagle so? Then on my T round you RDM me and BlameAlex who were your T buddies
So fuck off you paranoid piece of shit.

“In preparation” if I followed you it means I did not shoot
You can kill me for that learn to play the game before coming up with excuses

You kept getting shot when the round starts.
You could of stated who did the unless you do not know so do not take it on other people.

As I said before he killed me and BlameAlex and then did hardly anything the rest of the round like a dick.