Ban Appeal - Bob Ross


I was banned for an inappropriate spray for 30 minutes (Not the ban I’m appealing), Waited it out re joined and then nothing came of it. Joined again at some point and was questioned about my spray, didn’t spray it as was the same… Got told to change it or be banned so after about 2 rounds I did but forgetting you need to re-join to change the spray I sprayed and here we are. I left as soon as i sprayed for it to update and turns out I’m



Please appeal using the correct format.

Incase you didn’t read the closing text as many don’t, there is a ban appeal template somewhere in the forums, find it, then do it. In a pm to ‘@TTT-Staf’ (but spell staff properly as I haven’t cause it would ping them and they’d get pissy)


Vagan wrote something here but it didn’t make sense so I removed it