Ban Appeal (Don't even remember what my name was)

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:107825424

Person who banned you: Genii

Reason: “fuck off man”

Screenshot: screenshot

Length: “You have to wait for all eternity”

I honestly don’t remember this server at all. I tried to join again because I want to find a server to enjoy myself on. If I was rightfully banned, I can stay banned I don’t care. Whatever I was banned for I can promise I wouldn’t do whatever I did again.

There is always a reason/some reasons that may got you perma banned from the server(s) could be:
Mass rdming, pissing of staffs/wasting their time/breaking many rules in the server and when left.

But talk to the staff ho banned you and sort it out. I have no idea what happend between you and him

Ok so i had a little check. You were on the server for 6 minutes before getting banned, you were called Xayah Later at the time, nothing else i can really say other than ill ask the person that banned you to see if they remember why.

Oh and this was like 2 years ago.