Ban appeal for apparently "cheating"

Person who banned you: RhysRaptor
Reason for BAN: Aimbotting?
Time of ban: 19/06/2019 20:40-ish
Screenshot of ban message: https://i.imgur.com/P85y0qr.png
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:41222285
Reason for appeal:

I killed Rhys standing still, actually recorded it. Honestly kinda flattering that I get banned for aimbotting, also got banned almost immediately after one kill.

Here’s the recording of me “aimbotting”(background sound is from a comedy i have on my second monitor). https://streamable.com/9b6rk

If that looks suspicious to you, let me know because I’ve had more than 4000 hours combined in FPS games(cs, rainbow six, overwatch, tf2),2000 of which is recorded on my steam account:). I think I would know how to shoot someone standing still without an aimbot.

Apologies for this, I watched the recording and realized I was wrong. At around 14 seconds in, I thought you killed that person and it looked very, very off, and like some aimbots I’ve seen before. However upon seeing it here I notice you didn’t kill them.

Again, my sincerest apologies, you’re unbanned.


no worries, thanks.


Raptor did an oopsie.