Ban appeal for Charging Badger


I know i was on my last warning, but i was not informed what i was banned for, i just got banned after coming back from being afk in spectator, and got this message about a minute into the round

Jacob19uk was banned just before me for the same reason as shown by this screenshot of the logs

Jacob has told me he has no idea why he was banned either.


You both have been banned for rdming, false reporting, false kosing teaming. Even possibly Ghosting. You especially have also been reported multiple times for harassing other players, scamming, rdming multiple times in the past. You’ve had your chance and now it’s out. It’s a real shame I had to use an alt account to see how you and jacob act when no staffs are around


Aaaaaand, this is gonna get spicy.


If you havem’t realised it yet. I was Locku-1. The guy you randomly rdmed above that pool and claimed I was doing a traitorous act.


That is a fat yikes

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