Ban appeal for Kazuto Kirigaya


I was banned for the reason “rdm” and that’s what I did. I apologise for that and hope to be unbanned so that I can play ttt again.


Thank you for your time reading this appeal.



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well the staff are gonna need your steam name. so what is it?


Your going to need

A. your Steam ID
B. the admin that banned you

But this seems genuine.

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I think that was Yuuki or what ever his name was. he was Rdming s1dewalk. and also changed his name from yuuki to s1dewaIk (with capital i).


Kazuto Kirigaya



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This is probably the guy harry banned
So that i can have fun again?
does that mean your gonna be a fake s1dewaIk again and rdm people?

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Banned by console means banned by harry- @meharryp lol


Am I unbanned? Is my apology enough?

My steam name is Kazuto Kirigaya.


Well if you really want to know if you are pardonned ask the person that banned you
which in this case is the owner


I messaged him and he hasn’t responded. Could you please contact him?


Ye i was on when this guy rdmed. He was rdming people and being annoying to everyone. I suggest you go on moat.


It’s odd that you would mention RDM - I saw you RDM s1dewalk myself.


I never rdm stop lying


The Lazy Engineer: “I wonder who can RDM s1dewalk first - Yooky or Arsi

Don’t lie go play Minecraft 12 year old

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No your mom gay


go play roblox kiddo


Ur banned and i am not


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Holy shit I have nothing else to do oh well better go kill myself because Harry’s mod is the only feckin server now isn’t it