Ban appeal for Lilly

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:22587569

Person who banned you: W.FOSTER [GB]

Reason: [none specified] (this makes it really hard to know what I am appealing) !

Screenshot: 20190821100521_1|690x388 <== Link here

Length: “You have to wait for all eternity”

I’m going to be perfectly honest, I don’t recognize this server’s name, but I’ve been a regular on a great deal of different TTT servers through the years about as early as 2010. Since then I’ve spent well over a thousand hours in-game, and in that time I have hardly done much of anything besides play a few run-of-the-mill rounds of ttt. At no point do I recall having ever done anything in my entire history of playing this game to warrant receiving anything close to a perma-ban, so that coupled with the fact there is no reason listed for this action being taken on the ban log leaves me at a complete loss for exactly what could have caused me to receive this sort of punitive measure on my account.

The fact that I’ve never engaged in intentional RDM, especially not mass RDM, nor have I ever hacked or ghosted leaves me with little option to even guess what really could have happened. I am unsure as to when this action was even taken, let alone the circumstances behind it. For all those reasons (and more I’d rather not cram into this post for brevity’s sake), I would like to ask if I could have this ban lifted from my account if everything checks out. Thank you for your time.


Also the link to the screenshot doesn’t seem to work, for me at least

Thanks for the heads up, here’s an imgur link instead.

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It’s @WFoster ban, so um, he has to deal with it even though it seems like you atleast did nothing.

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I see, well. I would hope if most of the staff doesn’t see an issue it should be able to be repealed as an exception… Just looking at that person’s forum account it says it has been like over a month since they have been last online. I’d prefer to get this dealt with sooner rather than later Is there any way to get them to look this over, or can some sort of exception be made?

I have a feeling if I don’t remember this incident they won’t either, so… Not really sure where to go from here. >.<"

Wait, this person is listed as an ex staff member… Their fourm title and one of their top posts says as much. Not that I don’t believe they aren’t still able to give input on this if needed but, this may be all the more reason that an exception needs to be made if they aren’t actually a member of the staff any longer. Is there any way to have this issue escalated or?..

you may be unbanned if we hear back from the staff member who banned you and there reasoning. depending on what we hear, if we hear anything, will decide whether you can rejoin, or are left to suffer in moat

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As lazy said, we’re currently attempting to gain more information on the ban before we act on it. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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They are a staff member kinda, we just didn’t update him on here. We’re waiting to see if he pops up, but if not by later tonight we’ll handle it ourselves. Please be patient.


Ah, okay then. I have no issue with waiting, I am just really confused by the whole situation. (hopefully understandably~)

Foster didn’t ever ban for no reason but I honestly doubt he will remember. We’ll give him a little longer and see what happens

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Gotcha, yeah I was gonna say if I can’t for the life of me remember what the reason was for the ban I had my doubts they would remember either, but I am totally not opposed to waiting. At this point more than anything I am genuinely curious what it could have been but guess from here on I will need to wait to hear back. Thanks all~


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Only real way we can determine why you were banned is the old fashioned way of revoking the ban and seeing what happens next, hehe.


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