Ban appeal for matthew

-Who banned you:manegunner

-The reason you were banned for:repeated completely unacceptable toxicity towards staff and players do us a favour and do not return

-The time you were banned (date/time):tbh I don’t know what day or time it was its been about 2 weeks maybe more idk

-Screenshot of the ban message https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1820411464

ok yeh ik my behaviour at the time wasn’t the best but nor was kokichis and I am a decent person at times but when im continuously being insulted by players or staff for 0 reason whatsoever I mean what can I rlly do report them and have it ignored. like no matter what I do im always in the wrong and the staff never seem happy I try to be kind I followed their advice but then it all falls apart and they backtrack their advice and it gets so annoying I mean I spent over 100 hours on this server playing constantly just to be banned for trying to sort out a report I made on kokichi who repeatedly insulted me beforehand I tried to be calm throughout but when its like 4 staff against one its natural for me to go on the offensive yh ok its not cool for me to do this but half the time theres not staff on or things go unnoticed and its a srs pain in the ass I mean I didn’t do nothing in game to mane he bans me because I was trying to sort out the issue with kokichi at the time and I felt my ban was unfair regardless I have done idk I think its been 2 or 3 weeks from not playing im not sure I cant tell time for shit and im fucking bored and im way to tired and drunk to be concentrating on this so u can tell im trying as hard as I can to type this without making a complete fool of myself again that the staff I alrdy know laugh at or probably do idfk anymore either way ive missed playing ttt and all the hours ive spent getting my stuff on ttt and trying to have a good chance and I don’t expect to be unbanned hell im pretty sure this will be instantly declined as soon as mane gunner or rhys sees it but hey it was worth a try right

Matthew you are supposed to create a pm to the TTT-Staff group to do unban appeals.

Closed so you can make a proper one that won’t have people randomly speaking.