Ban Appeal Jacobp19uk


Was on the server with multiple helpers and admins and all of a sudden received this ban, not quite sure why as I was just trying to do an Easter egg on rooftops. if u wont unban me I would just like to know why I was banned exactly.


I know I sometimes Rdm and that but it is often an accident.


@Aldron my dude


Aldron wasn’t even in the game when I got banned how can that happen?


Wait til he responds and you’ll find out.


You both have been banned for rdming, false reporting, false kosing teaming. Even possibly Ghosting. It’s a shame I had to use an alt account to see how you guys act when no staff around. and you especially. I was Locku-1. The way you killed me on the twin towers when I was killing others, claiming it was an accident and even then, you didn’t try to kill him. James, is not far from being aswell by this. Same thing on the previous map with the flying buildings, where you were teaming with Badger.


We where all pissing about oh anyway i don’t care atleast you let me know why i have been banned. Thx.


holy shit, an admission of guilt this early in the game? thats a new record. cool.