Ban appeal Peppermint

Person who banned you: Nick
Reason for ban: Apparent aimhacks
Time of ban: 10/14/2019 about 4:20 GMT
Screenshot of ban message :https://i.imgur.com/Y3NNbxv.png
Name::heart:ℙeppermint ℳist​:heart:
SteamID: `STEAM_1:0:15038143
Reason for appeal: People commented on me headshotting people with a deagle and it’s “Accuracy” then following a round where I shot the T ( Sewerside something ) I was immidietely banned by Dehakka Dakka

Two things, 1. its suppost to be a personal PM to staff. You can send this as a personal message to me and i will sort it out so all staff can see

we will deal with this as soon as we can. To continue this please Message me though the fourms.
(Click my name and “message”)