Ban Appeal yipee

was sent here by a mods to appeal a ban.
i was playing a game of TTT when i was RdmD by Slmander yt
i messaged Flatlander in Pms Saying Slmander Rdmd me and Flatlander killed Slmander. i was then banned for two weeks which i feel is very bad (i was banned on a smurf) i went on my main today and was playing , then i asked acid if im allowed to play since my smurf is banned , he said im not so i apologised and left
i have now found out i have been banned forever !! WHY?!
i dont feel like i should of been banned in the first place , i think it should of been at max 2 slays


Wrong place. Pm ttt-staff with your appeal. Might also want to include why we should unban you.