Banlist swag

it’s better to talk here about banlist and not in the officails frules :slight_smile:
and dont and forget yolo swag! Xd

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Yay, thanks.

Well here’s the summary of the messages in the rules thread :


Butanal: There is no public banlist, is there ? It would be nice to have access to even a basic banlist, just to know if a dude is a known rule-breaker.
Whip: Ooooooooooooh that would be funnnyyy
Rhys: Interesting suggestion. We’ll discuss it amoung the staff/helper team and may create one.
Aldron: Why would you want to know that though? I mean, you shouldn’t treat a person differently cause of their past actions. Which I’m sure it might happen. Mass rdmers getting rdmed cause of what they’ve done in the past, cheaters being called cheaters for no obvious reasons, just beacuse they used cheats before. It will just bother both the players and the staff with false accusations. This has happened before. I would not recommend it.
Butanal: I mean, the whole time I played TTT I never saw any kind of retaliation from regular players due to past actions. A lot of servers have a public banlist, and what you described very rarely happens. That is of course only my experience, but even unbanned ex-cheaters were fully accepted where I played so long as they showed regret for their actions (one of them even became an admin on my server :smiley:). Why would one take it upon himself to “punish” someone for these actions ?

I suggested this because it feels weird to have this kind of secrecy on bans. One day you’re playing with someone, then he could be banned and you would have no way of looking it up, nor a way of knowing what he did to get banned.

I totally respect the idea of not judging someone from his past mistakes, but I truly believe that people are mature enough not to “reject” someone based on a simple banlist. And I say that as someone who is probably permabanned on one or two public banlists for cheating (which in that case was not what I consider to be a mistake, I was just experimenting with anticheating at the time).

PS : maybe I should have created a thread for this, I didn’t think it would create a true discussion.

Maybe one more answer to @Aldron : we could always limit this banlist in time, as in only show currently active bans + ones that are, dunno, less than 2 months old for example. That way, you can know what happened recently and who is currently banned, without having creeps looking at ppl’s ban histories needlessly.

I personally feel that, whether it was added or not, nothing would change, as only a select few would even pay attention to it. If it is implemented at all, I would just make it into a section on the discord, showing the in-game name, reason for the ban and the ban, duration. However, I doubt it will be added because, as I said, it just seems like unnecessary work.

I mean, it would be interesting

this is the second time!!! i am not hacking ffs how can i prove it?!

staff that banned me: manegunner6
time of ban: ‎23 ‎July ‎2019, ‏‎00:20:49
reason : aimbot
all i did was shoot 3 people in the head with a recoil and damage improved weapon. help please!


Shhh, let him respond. I want to see his excuse >:)

Sure, three people. In under a second. With mostly (if not only) headshots.
I believe you, totally and utterly. /FUCKING SARCASM




I WAS NOT using hack or exploits also you said almost every shot hit head surely if i was hacking all shot would hit the head??? And does this mean i am banned permanently!!! :expressionless:

Firstly, that line of logic doesn’t work considering that…
…secondly, you can see the very blatant snap-to-head at 0:02 in the slowmo vid.

Yes. It does, as a matter of fact.


Also, ban appeals go in a PM to TTT-Staff…and not in a two month old thread.
EDIT: This ban was an error on my part and it has been reversed. Shit happens, y’know?