Biological Trap's Ban Appeal


I’m not quite sure why I got banned instead of slain. Long story short, someone called a sus and someone else started going on about how the person who’s sus has done nothing wrong in their life. This was just us meming around so I killed the dude which got everyone laughing including the guy I killed. Instead of getting slain as i expected, I got banned for eternity with this message which struck me as confused. I genuinely like the server and I was just meming around with some people so I mean hey it’d be awesome if I could get unbanned. Prior to this, I don’t exactly minge, tbait, or rdm and stuff like that. As stated, this is a server I genuinely enjoy with all of its content and wish to keep playing.

Explain this please =)

Sosig. ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

I dont get it, all i see is a normal t rdm

I just did. I told you I rdmed the dude for the meme. I was more than willing to take the slay because honestly the context was hilarious. I didn’t know that he was a T either. But instead I got permanently banned. Like why a ban? I was going to take the slay man. I was inviting friends to the server too because it’s honestly a really good server.

RedLine will probably respond soon, dont worry. We never ban people for no good reason, so if everything is as you stated, you should be unbanned soon as well

I mean unless RDM is a bannable offense, my bad. Obviously it’s not a good thing, but damn dude it was literally one of the funniest things. You should’ve been there. I really hope I do get unbanned though.

Rdm is bannable, for example automatically for 30 minutes everytime your karma gets too low. Also, mass rdm is bannable (that would be constantly rdming, making 0 effort to play properly and not listening to anyone, but i honestly dont think thats the case), but even for that you could be unbanned if you appeal properly and apologise.
I see nothing of this in here, but I wasnt there so i have 0 context.
@Red_Line, sorry for pinging you, but i think you did something wrong, please provide more context

I know about karma bans and all. I also know that mass RDM is bannable. But I’ve never seen someone get banned after one kill. Especially with the ban phrase of “Yeah, Fuck off”. It kind of stunned me. Again I apologize, and I hope this can be resolved in an easy manner.

All I can think of would either be that you pissed him off or that he banned the wrong player, but both scenarios would result in an unban

(Psst, this ban wasn’t for RDM)

What was this a ban for?

It was the only thing provided

Hacking. Have you seen the insane shaking in the video?

Also I haven’t slept yet so off I yeet

Wait hacking? What the hell?

For me it looks like the mouse couldve been unstable, i mean i csn literially recreate that with a shaky hand
Have you seen accounts of this sort of hacking in the past?
To be honest I dont want to offend any staff, but i think theres a lack of evidence here

I’m actually a little sad now. Accused of hacking when I’m just trying to play on a TTT server.

If you were hacking, say it now and you will have a chance of getting unbanned

No I was not. If there’s something there that pinged something about me hacking, I will mention that I have had some stuff prior, but I deleted it and had to refresh my computer because it basically gave me a virus. I might’ve not been able to get rid of everything, but hell if I trust stupid ass hacks again. Dumb things nearly fucked up my whole computer.

Heskan I swear to god, stop jumping into ban appeals. You’re guaranteed to not have all the context and you really heavily play devil’s advocate for no good reason.

Also Red_Line is likely still asleep so you’ll hVe to wait.

I still haven’t FUCKING SLEPT