Birthday event, 2022

Welcome to the 5th annual Birthday event for Harry’sMod. I cannot believe we’ve made it this far where did I go wrong in my life… Anyway, we’ve got some cool shit coming your way on Main and Genesis. The cakes also make a welcome return for the next month or so. The keen-eyed may have noticed the event is a few days later than usual - apologies, schedules for devs have been crazy! To compensate, we are extending the event by 1 week. Get playing!


  • 5 new maps
  • New Exotic “Pocket Rifle”
  • Several fixes including retex hacks
  • Restrictions on Exotic stacking - you can blame idiots for this
  • Genesis Weapon balancing over the next couple weeks


  • 5 new maps
  • The Warlord has been fixed!
  • New Exotic Mask, “Jumpman”
  • Ongoing balance patch nearing completion - will be a separate post


  • Lag-fighting optimizations, increase of RAM to game servers.
  • Alterations to staffing structure
  • Re-introduction of suggestion channels that are actually watched
  • Removal of all 67th way variants other than V15
  • New T/D item “Ammo Spawner”
  • New exotic, the “Duck228” !

We are in the process of overhauling the inventory system to fight the Genesis lag, this is a longer-term update and we’ll be sure to let you know what’s happening as we get closer. There’s also a potential new project on the horizon, but this is in the early stages of work. An announcement detailing what’s going on will be coming in the next few weeks - stay tuned…

As always, comments/insults are welcomed below.



Yeah new shitty useless exotic cosmetic time!

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shut up hodd

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Elaborate on “Fixed Warlord”

it was broken now it is fixed

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I have taken your request into consideration, but unfortunately i cannot let that happen.

Thanks that really clarified what was broken

say what the exotics do

You’re supposed to get dmg resistance while firing it.
It didnt do that. Now it does (apparantly)

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Tested several times and 100% works


Pocket sniper gives scope and accurac or something

Quick question
What the new exotics do exactly?

Pocket sniper: (as far as I have seen here, simply gives you a scope and an Accuracy buff)

Duck228: Accuracy cone the size of your screen, does no damage on body but 3000 to the head… and it quacks

@SETH Fixed

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Thank you very much