Birthday Event 2023 Part 1

Happy Birthday Harry’s Mod!

Somehow we’ve done it, 6 years. I’d like to first thank all of you for your continued support and for some reason, undying love for a 16 year old game. We wouldn’t be here without you and will continue to try our best to keep the server not only fair, but a fun place place for everyone. We know it’s been a tough year with lag, staff changes, bugs, etc. and we deeply appreciate you all sticking by us. To show our appreciation we have a lot on the horizon, but lets go over the beginning!


9 New Maps have been added to Genesis

  • Gunkanjima
  • MC City Dark
  • Playing with Portals
  • Terrorception
  • MC Nether
  • Toy Time Galaxy
  • MiraHQ
  • Vegas Casino
  • MW2 Terminal


  • Cool Sounding Deagle

    • This has been changed up a bit! This deagle is a now a headshot machine. With perfect accuracy and packing a hell of a punch, keep your aim high! If you happen to hit body shots, you’re sure to lose some gunfights.
  • Buckshot Converter

    • This weapon has been completely overhauled as previously mentioned, I recommend keeping your scope down and firing away!
  • Another Gun

    • This prototype attachment has been something I’ve been waiting a while to drop! I hope yinz like Akimbos!
  • Stun Stick

    • This Crowbar Exotic turns it into a stun stick! Zap away and enjoy the pushing power!
      (warning: this exotic may cause irreversible physics damage to doors)
  • Spicy Deagle

    • With Increased damage and firerate, this deagle packs a fiery punch!
      (warning: this gun’s ammo is packed with too much black powder, and may be highly combustible)
  • SniperGun550

    • Uh oh, looks like someone loaded your bullets in backwards. I certainly hope it doesn’t effect the way it shoots!
  • Ice Skates

    • Remember that scene in Mighty Ducks where the kid could skate extremely fast but couldn’t stop? Yeah that’s gonna be you with this new exotic hat!

Patch Notes

  • Many people requested this. We now have a new channel in the discord featuring all patch notes. I aim to be releasing these month to month with anything that affects players. Please see the birthday update for breakdowns on each exotic, stats, weapons they can apply to, etc.

DISCLAIMER: After the Birthday event we will be VAULTING the SniperGun550, and one more in the mid event drop! These exotics will be locked safely back into the code, and may never return again, so get em while they’re hot!

New T/D Item

  • Detective’s AWP
    • You know what this does, but be careful you only get 1 shot!

Bug Fixes

  • Additional Lag Fighting Optimizations

    • We have dedicated more cores to the server so it should run a little bit better
    • More work is being done for inventory accessibility, we hope to launch this soon!
  • Welrod

    • It now 1 shots again!
  • Map Icons

    • Thumbnails exist again, you can finally see what you’re picking!
  • Raptor has retired again

  • Blu is being held against his will, please send help.

Part 1???

Yes, Part 1! On Tuesday August15th we will be coming back with a mid event patch addressing any issues found by the community with any new additions, new gun skins, and a couple more exotics as well! So keep that scrap flowing, because there’s always more on the horizon!


We’re happy to announce the server has been paid up until almost next year’s birthday! Bar any game breaking bugs, we’re very excited to know we may be typing up another one of these next year. Thank you very much for 6 years of love, dedication, patience, and RDM. GMOD servers stay alive because of their playerbase and that is exactly the case here. Although we goof around we’re very thankful to know this small community has continued to thrive, and support us (and itself) for so long. As one final apology for the recent inventory issues caused by the new Gmod Update, the event will be running from August 1st, until September 15th (this does not affect the Halloween event, beginning 1st October)! Thank you all for your support, patience, and for some reason long standing desire to continue to play here and deal with me getting drunk and spawning Striders.

Happy Birthday Harry’s Mod!

As always. Feel free to leave questions/concerns/insults below. Cheers

-Quacksey :beers:


Thats crazy

on behalf of previous ownership, many thanks for keeping the servers alive - awesome to see.

the inevitable advancement of time ages harrysmod once again

I disagree with everything that is said here and I will boycott by not eating even 1 grain of rice.

Speak for yourself cretin. x
Burn burn burn.

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Crazy? I was crazy once.


Is there any word about main making a return or is it still down for fixing?

Main will be back online for the mid-event patch - there were some further issues that we’ve taken the time to solve.

Apple pie :apple::pie:


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discord emojie :slight_smile:

thats funny.

i want the deagle because i suck anyway and i could just say im trolling people instead of missing

hell yeah gamers

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It is nice, that buckshot is actually good now

inster for yes?

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