heloo i want ed to know when and ahjow you are happy birrthday.

like and subscribe and comment down below your birthday okey?

mine is idk when my is born i am 16 i think
i know rhys is happy birthday today


Do you has the autism?

He does (that’s not a joke)

By my guess 25% here have but i like trains
OWO CCX did a edit that is not mean!

Must suck being vaccinated.


“My SoN bEtTeR dIe At ThE aGe Of ThReE tHaN hAvInG aUtIsM bEcAuSe ThE vAcCiNeS aReNt MeNtIoNeD iN tHe BiBlE!”
This is what goes on inside an anti vaxx mom.

happy birthday rhysraptor

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Has he?
I thought he had a few weeks ago

Anyways Happy Birthday! :]

Get fucked.

I highly doubt that’s ever gonna happen to him

oh mine today

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