Bunny Hood should be Bunny Mask

There is only like 1 exotic mask and like 3 (4 with the bunny) hats.

Please make the bunny hood a mask because it would make it somewhat useable not not instantly replaced my the much better Gambler, Infinity or Moonman

Please. Thanks

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I agree, too many fucking exotic hats

We need some mask representation you racists

yes! those maskists are really annoying!!!

Bunny hood da best hat. Only :clown_face: choose other exotics over it. Im fairly confident devs are working on more exotic masks to close that gap

Besides, do you really want people using bunny hood with moonman?

I want me using bunny hood with moonman, that would be epic, Best combo ever.

I think bunny hood as a mask will be a bit to op considering that with moon man could be broken. But I agree that we need more masks just no bunny hood.

This is why

you can only double jump while on ground