Buying Legendary Shotgun


I mean, it would be great to buy a legendary shotgun with +firerate +bullets and +Damage. doubt that it even exists but why not try?

Will pay around 10K CR and will give my last T3 shotgun.


It does but I dout 10k would buy it


+Accuracy instead of firerate will be better


Firerate, acc and dmg best triple combo.

And I doubt anyone would sell it for 10k and a T3 shotty. (I’d pay more if anyone will sell one tho xddd)


Why have firerate to shoot faster when you can just one shot?


Have you guys even looked at how old this thread is :confused:


man I feel so old :pepehands:


ye i would be more than 10k and I
would prefer fire rate to accuracy because they equal each other out


@Ag3nt No i have not looked at how old this thread is :frowning:

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Could we not bump really old posts? Honestly.