Can we ban js virum already


at this point he’s more disliked than awootism, we should get rid of the child.


agreed (ten characters)


As much as I dont like him , he hasn’t done anything other than rdming occasionally (who doesnt though lol) and make a shit ton of reports , some are false and most of them are just retarded to justify a ban (he does get slain for the stupid reports he makes)
He’s also an idiot but if you were to get banned for being one most of the server would be banned
since this is on shitpost I dont think its serious but I wrote that just if it is


Tbh there are much more noticeable players that need banning.


Idk I have a lot of screen shot logs of Team RDM and rdm in general. Aswell as loads of false reports.


i’ve played with him. he’s retarded. but whatever.


Ah okay! ^^
I think I’d like meeting him!


no you won’t he’s like 5 and will report you for literally anything you do


I mean on the forums


To be fair He is by far not the worst gamer on harry’s mod, just because somebody is annoying you shouldn’t want to have them banned of genuinely attempt to approve someone’s ban. If you have an issue with him just mute him ingame and don’t talk to him, dont bring the worst out in yourself to just be hateful, we were all annoying at one point.

Game on gamers.


Hes annoying as shit but at least he isnt a person who just harasses everyone on the server and rdms


He’s a person that’s being harassed and RDM’d constantly
kind of like @LLamaLord666 but worse


My point was that there are individuals who get away with things way too much on here because they’re deemed as a ‘regular’ so trying to ban people who are just annoying (can’t agree or disagree as never played with him) is kinda pointless in comparison. There’s a bigger job to be done imo!


Has he left yet?


Agreed. He is so fucking annoying.


he got perm banned for ghosting a few days ago

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