Change the "Report" button - its making people defensive

Hi, I’m new, and I enjoy playing on your server. Because of this I want to help in improving it.

One thing you might want to reconsider is your “Report” button as I believe it’s not serving its intended purpose efficiently. To elaborate, when you get killed and left unsure whether or not it was justified, you want to “clarify” the situation, correct? The only way to do this is to press “Open Report” which presumes there is something to report on. This is not always the case, and although it seems innocent enough, I observed that this wording correlates with people becoming offended and defensive of their actions. Instead of providing me with a calm explination, they immediately begin defending themselves, and more often than not, I’m mocked for even considering their kill being as random.

With this said, please consider renaming the button to something neutral, like “Ask for clarification”.

Another thing, after a person is reported, in chat you get the “USERNAME is answering to their reports” - again, this adds to above mentioned issues and feels like public shaming.

Thanks for reading.

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If you get reported you’re supposed to be defensive. You’re literally defending yourself, regardless of whether the reporting party is seeking clarification or actually looking for restitution.

If you change the word nothing changes, people will get annoyed at having to type and become defensive. As they should.

I do think it should be changed though, to “lmao look at this fucking faggot getting reported looooool”


You can disable the report button showing up and you can by typing !report open up the menu to report others


If you want it changed you’ll want to speak with the addons Creator


im not even sure why this is even a thing, as paddy said


“Supposed to be defensive”
First of all, what you are saying is completely arbitrary. Moreover, this mentality is actually the exact problem I had playing on dozens of different TTT servers. People becoming defensive isn’t ideal. Ideal is when calm communication is reached, which is hard when you MUST, according to this arbitrarness, defend yourself. How about, instead of one party “attacking” the other, both parties cooperate? This is what I’m suggesting. Change the mentality from “battling” to “cooperating”

“If you change the word nothing changes, people will get annoyed at having to type and become defensive. As they should.”
You’re suggesting words don’t carry implications or connotations. They very much do.


Being defensive =/= Not calm.

You thinking this is an issue is a you problem. Nobody else has ever thought this ever in the history of TTT.

My statement isn’t “arbitary”; it’s a commonly held opinion proven over the test of time and demand. Just because you throw a big word into the plethora doesn’t improve your argument. Ergo I shall treat it with the floccinaucinihilipilification it is due.

This isn’t happening.


So what if I am the first to notice the issue? It does not make it any less valid, and also, this is the general principle behind how “discoveries” work. Your statement is unhelpful and, honestly, rude.

You’re blatantly ignoring my reasoning in order to push your “time proven”. Sure, defensive =/= not calm, but again refering to my observations that I’ve been making for several dozen games - people do not like to be accused when they are innocent. They are quick to make rash comments in the rush of the moment - and this can be atleast attempted to be avoided by taking the step of changing 1-2 lines of code.

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I never suggested that for a second; I have taken a contrary opinion based on what you have provided, which if I’m perfectly frank isn’t a great amount beyond the fact that you personally take offence to the word “report”, which I (and many others in this community and many other communities) feel is not an issue.

Word Pronunciation Definition Source
Report ri-pawrt, -pohrt noun
  • an account of statement describing in detail an event, situation, or the like, usually as the result of observation, inquiry, etc.:
    a report on the peace conference; a medical report on the patient.
  • a statement or announcement

    verb (used with object)
  • to carry and repeat, as an answer or message; repeat, as what one has heard.
  • to relate, as what has been learned by observation or investigation.

    verb (used without object)
  • to prepare, make, or submit a report of something observed, investigated, or the like.
  • to serve or work as a reporter, as for a newspaper.

    So now that the actual definition is in front of you, it’s clear that it holds no connotations whatsoever about accusation, allegation or any other form of undue confrontation. It is merely a submission of what has been observed. In the context of a TTT report, it’s what has been observed from the perspective of the person submitting the report. The word report therefor could not be further from the implications you’re trying to associate it with.

    No it isn’t. I’ve pointed out my stance in a much clearer manner than you. If you consider that to be rude, then it’s very telling, given that you consider the word “report” to be rude, which is nothing short of baffling (see above).

    People are entitled to get an answer for what occurs in the game, and they do that by reporting what they observe in the game. That won’t ever change, and changing the word to something less accurate is foolish.


    Thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion for us to consider.

    In this instance I don’t believe it will be implemented, for the following reasons:

    • A report has the purpose of reporting to the staff team an act of potential wrong-doing. Yes, in doing so you are asking for clarification of what happened, but it is more than that. Reporting implies you believe you have been wrongfully killed, and are looking for a punishment for the attacker.
    • Being defensive is not necessarily a bad thing, because if you have been reported you are expected to defend your actions to avoid the previously mentioned punishment.
    • The very nature of the game also requires you to be ‘on-edge’, so to speak. (i.e. defending yourself from attack, or accusation)
    • This server attracts people of many different countries, many of which have a lower level of understanding of the English language. Even though we expect everyone on the server to communicate in English (as it’s an English server) we are very aware of the potential language barriers. The word report isn’t (I believe) a difficult word to understand, or type as a command. Whereas, a more ‘neutral’ word/phrase could be.
    • The word itself has not been brought up for concern before, which leads me to believe it isn’t as big of an issue as you are trying to making seem. Not saying that your concern isn’t valid, but, it’s not an issue I myself see the need in changing.

    With all that being said, I do hope you enjoy the game otherwise.


    I don’t belong on this thread, I am not intelligent enough with these big words being thrown about.


    “You thinking this is an issue is a you problem.”
    “I never suggested that (this is not a valid issue) for a second”;

    You actually did, by saying it only applies to me, where as I’m trying to prove it applies to all. It isn’t an issue such as Cheating or RDMIng - issues that can be easily identified. These issues reflect in the way people talk.

    Your search for connotations in the dictionaries is entirely unrelatable, because the ones we’re discussing originated within GMOD. It is not difficult to find what these connotations are when you realize when the word “report” is actually used. It’s to report someone for doing something bad (Rdming, cheating etc) For proof, look at any mod reporting anyone on any gmod server. The connotation here is obviously “to report a minge”, which as I stated above - is hurtful for fostering a cooperative discussion on what happened, because this connotation can be felt by the players.

    Also, you once again use adhominems to say what things I might say “tell about me”. Please don’t.

    My suggestion would not be inaccurate based on the reasoning I provided, the mentality set of “to discuss, not to wage war”

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    To me this just seem’s like you think this is an issue because you want it to be an issue

    Ignore my bad english I come from Russia


    Thank you for your precise and argumentative reply.

    There are some points that you mentioned which are the basis for my reasoning.

    " Reporting implies you believe you have been wrongfully killed, and are looking for a punishment for the attacker."

    That’s the problem I keep seeing. Instead of attempting to discuss, people immediately assume they are right and the other person is wrong. This isn’t helpful, this is putting pressure on the reported which results in their rash retaliation.

    *The very nature of the game also requires you to be ‘on-edge’, so to speak. (i.e. defending yourself from attack, or accusation)

    True, but this is not entirely related because what we are talking is meta. The goal in meta isn’t to play a game, but rather to reach clear communication, which is obstructed by the pressure mentioned above.

    “The word itself has not been brought up for concern before, which leads me to believe it isn’t as big of an issue as you are trying to making seem.”

    The word has not been brought up most likely because it is not easy to identify what influences behavour - yet here I provide the observation

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    if you want to “Ask for clarification” then why not just pm them or check logs before instantly going to report them to ask what happened?

    Ignore my bad english I come from Poland and Sweden


    That’s typically the stance a reporting party is taking. Are you going to tell me you don’t want people who feel wronged to have a genuine avenue of exploring what went wrong? What you want instead is to have people discuss it, which is what the report system does anyway.

    If you can’t handle the inherent heat of the game mode then don’t play. Again, this is a you issue.

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    No, if you believe that is my goal then you have misinterpreted all that I have said.
    I want there to be a possibility to discuss, but in a way in which both parties would be more welcome to hold a neutral conversation, rather than to be placed in a court.

    And your second argument is the equivelent of “you don’t like dis country, then u can leave”. Uh, no? I find that possitive suggestions can generally improve the environment of the game, so I am trying to contribute instead of being indifferent about the issues I see.


    Understandable, but there has not been a problem with how its worded at all whilst the server has been running, it’s clear that they are not going to go for something new when they have something that is working just fine.

    Sorry I come from New york so my english may not be good

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    I’m closing this. Your suggestion has been noted, I don’t believe any further discussion is required. Thank you.