Changes to try and stop RDM


We ai t dlin this


Harry is not doing that, even though i would really enjoy it


I don’t appear to have gotten my member rank when I donated (I do not have vote kick). Can anyone help with this?


@meharryp can


Cats are kewl


:slight_smile: Noice man


Hey guys! Remember when we had votekick?





What is the rdm? is that what the kids are into these days?


well if kids are 9 and like gmod they are going to do this a lot


NanCI, don’t fucking bump old posts


Yea guys stop bumping the old posts


I know this post is old but is this still a thing? I wanna buy VIP that’s why I’m asking if I get member automatically when i do


Yes, VIP has member privileges


It is definately worth getting V.I.P you basically get everything a member can do and extra scrap, level, lootbox daily and propably more but I forgot. For more info go to: https://harry.gg/store


thx ^^

Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


also ignore this below quote


I don’t like the 750 rule because i often find myself rdming by accident or protecting from an rdmer.


OH FFS I’M THE ONLY NECROMANCER ALLOWED HERE! Body seems to reeee is this loss?