Changing Slays

The current slays a person gets for RDM needs an increase. At the moment there’s no difference in slays between Attempted RDM and RDM. This means there is no difference between damaging a person and killing them.

I believe, you should also implement extra slays for Team RDM. This means that you’d get extra slays if you 100% would of known the person you killed was on your side. (Inno kills Det, Det kills Det, Traitor kills Traitor.) This change should take effect as I feel it helps differentiate accidental/low evidence kills that could of helped your team from team kills that will always hinder them.

I’m proposing the following:

ARDM - 1 Slay (No increase)
RDM - 2 Slays
Traitor RDM - 3 Slays
Team RDM - 4 Slays

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Better idea: punish harder for attempted RDM because of how shit a job you did.


team killing as t is 2 slays already

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I agree with the harsher punishments. Rules are there for a reason. Team killing is the same as T RDM tho so would pick either 3 or 4 slays for it. Probably 4 Cos if you’re T RDMing you’re probably not here to play.

I normally end up doing 3 for team killing as we typically add a slay for dumb answers and there is rarely an answer for team kill that isn’t dumb, especially against a detective.


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