Charging Badger Ban Appeal

Name: materbrad ( Used to be Charging Badger)
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:128314042
Reason for ban: Breaking multiple rules.
Date of Ban: January 3rd 2019

I would like to be unbanned as I have had time to reflect upon what I have done over the last 4 nearly 5 months and deeply regret the actions that led up to my ban and would appreciate if I could be unbanned and can promise that I will not break the rules again or do other stupid things such as what i received my first and second warnings for and eventually my ban as it has been extremely boring for me the last few months without the server to play on and I now know how much i relied on the server and would like to come back even if that involves being unbanned with one or two warnings still in place so if I do break the rules it will be swiftly punished with no way of undoing my actions through a Ban Appeal as this would show an inability to follow the rules.
So in conclusion I would like to be unbanned even if that involves still having 1 or 2 warnings still in place and I deeply regret ever breaking the rules and being banned.
-Charging Badger





Can you perhaps go through all of the actions that led to your ban?

1st was a warning from you I received after scamming a new player which was resolved with me giving back the 2-3 lootboxes and some scrap from me and then I got a warning
2nd was for posting someone’s Facebook in chat after they told me too
And the final straw was from Aldron who logged into an alt account and banned me for “rdming, false reporting, false kosing teaming. Even possibly Ghosting.”

oh yeah. I remember. Now, before I decide what to do tho, how can I know that you won’t do the things again? Whether a staff is on or not? What has changed from now to before? Why won’t you do it again?

Gotta give a better reason than you being bored.

Can I shitpost here?




I have realised how much of my life I spent playing on the server and I haven’t been able to find anything to replace it so the last few months that I have been banned have been so slow and I just to be able to play again and I won’t do it again because I have so much time invested and I now know how much a rule being broke can affect this and just don’t want to be unable to play any longer or again after that, even if you don’t trust me still unban me with 1-2 warnings intact so if I do carry on you can ban me again with no argument

I’ll give you a chance. If you misbehave or break any rules, you’re out. A few rdms here and there are fine, won’t get you banned but if it happens often or you’re talking negatively to any specific players or the staff, you’re out. I don’t have time to get on right now, so I’ll unban you later today, unless some other staff does it before me.

Meanwhile, I would recommend that you read the rules again, they’ve been updated since the last time you played. Have a good day.

Thank you Aldron

Could you post your steamid here?

(Incomplete sentence)

Done. you’re unbanned now.