Charity bundle #2

Hi Everyone!

Some of you may remember a couple months back we did a bundle of limited-edition exotics for charity. We raised an amazing £228! Don’t remember? Check this post out - Get 3 cool exotics and give money to charity!

The CMs/Devs have been working away on some cool shit for upcoming things. Some dumbass guns were created along the way and I’ve decided that we should do another bundle of guns, awesome right?

What weapons are there this time?

Pull-90 - a P90 with a twist! Shooting this will pull you in the direction of fire. Be careful if in the air as this can have some interesting results!

Cool-sounding Deagle: A reworked deagle with a lovely surprise

Untitled Goose Gun: A terrible goose, I mean tranq with a little secret…

Shotty Sniper: I ran out of ideas so this happened. A reverse of an old favourite

Where is the money going?

Charity 1: Special Effect - https://www.specialeffect.org.uk/

Special effect help to provide tech that allows physically disabled people to play video games (something we take for granted tbh). I wonder about the level of disability on this server some days.

Charity 2: Alzheimers Research UK - https://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org/

No memes, simply a horrible disease that needs to be stopped.

Charity 3: The Trussell trust. - https://www.trusselltrust.org

No one should have to use foodbanks but not everyone is as lucky as us with money. If you have the means to donate here, then let’s make sure people less fortunate can actually eat.

Charity 4: Unicef - https://www.unicef.org/

A large number of young people have been displaced and disrupted by the the ongoing situation and Unicef aim to help those most vunerable.

Awesome, but how much does it cost me?

Each exotic bundle will cost £9.49. £8 of each purchase goes to the charities (£2 each), the rest mostly is PayPal fees. We’ll only be selling these for a few weeks and there’s no guarantee any of these will ever come up for sale again, so buy them while you can!

Get them here: https://Harry.gg/store

CCX edit: We’ve officially eclipsed the total of the last bundle - you guys have been super generous and it’s very appreciated. I’ve not set an official end date on this but it’ll be towards the end of June. Thanks to everyone who has bought this bundle already, I’d love to get the total a little higher so any support is super awesome and very welcomed.


this is good.


Harry should really consider using yen instead of this confusing E looking ass currency


I mean it’s not that I don’t wanna give money to charity but I’m poor.
So I’m just buying it for scrap


After asking the pull 90, i got it!

Finally, its been 3000 years.


1 weapon per purchase? or it’s some strange engrish language


Bundle = all 4 guns

So you pay once and you get all 4 - I put this in as some buy multiple ones


From a person with experience using the pull90 (Bought it from the market that one time, tried it out and scrapped it) I can say that, that p90 is definitely a must have gun. if you have that gun and either jetpack or moonman, you’re gonna love it! Don’t miss this oppurtunity!


You forgot the end but I’ll help you out. You can buy this amazing weapon from Harry.gg/store for really cheap and support some charity! You get a couple of other silly weapons on top of that!


Untitled goose gun I hope it makes the goose sound from the game



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It does? Also probably some of these days I will try to repair my pc so I can play again so ye expect to see me in a couple of days and how long is the bundle going to be on the store?


Not 100% sure but certainly into June sometime


OK prob gonna buy it because I’m a kind person and I would gladly donate so ye also is the gun model a duck in your hand and is it a primary or secondary

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Ordinary rifle model and its a primary


Forgot to mention it is the tranq gun but with a duck noise

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Update - we’ve now beaten the last bundle’s total raised! Keep buying the bundle and help us raise money for charity!




Hi All,

Charity bundle will close on the 30th of June. I will let you know then how much has been raised. If you haven’t yet bought it, you’ve got time! x