Cherino Unban Appeal & Staff Report 2.0


SteamID - STEAM_0:0:93167234
Name - Cherino

Cool, So I was banned incase someone didn’t know for supposedly ghosting, Probably when Janice was crying last night as nobody’s telling me anything so here goes gamers.

Part 1 - Epic Ban Time

So last night, There was a round that Janice was a traitor
He has been supposedly behind a wall by a house on the map

Pay attention here, There are a few factors taking part here
Lag, Human Perception etc etc.

As you can see, Janice shot me within a second of starting shooting at the individual

This is the angle in which I did see Janice, and do remember that Lag and Human Reactions are to take into account and Why would I of all people be Ghosting

As you can See from this angle I could see him running around the corner, Might I add that This addon is client-side so it’s all perspective so what he sees and what I see are entirely altered. I do also have an increased FOV if you’d consider arguing this.

In conclusion to my appeal Don’t Jump to Conclusions and gather substantial evidence because Death-Scenes are Unreliable thanks. I’d be happy to answer any questions regarding this below.

Part 2 - Janice
So, since my return He gave me a warm welcome but since then has constantly given me shit for absolutely no reason, He’s been unfriendly and honestly I’ve not wanted to connect whilst this individual is on. He’x obnoxious, As we can see ^ Bans people because he’s angry and lacks professionalism and is verbally abusive to myself and I could presume other members of the community also.

This individual is innactive, Abusive towards players & Generally a toxic player to game with. I gave you pleanty of chances not to be a twat Janice but I’ve had enough of you. So I apologise for putting you up here named and shamed but you gotta learn to not be a twat thanks.

This ban is clearly Janice’s Anger being taken out on me as during that evening he was so rude to me, I explained the situation to him and he started yelling and asking me why this why that as if it actually mattered.

I do expect something to be done about this individual after this is over because I’ve had enough of his shit and I’m sure others are also but dont want to say shit.


Can you make a staff report a message to the staff as it is meant to go through the owner as it is a staff report and shouldn’t be public, thanks -Doopel


Why use screenshots of my video and not just have the video there also. You say human reactions and lag means you saw me but death scene said otherwise, so my only question is why did it take you so long to work up the courage to KOS me after you hadn’t seen me a while after that round.


Your video is of your client, I didn’t kos you I said I knew it was you because I Identified you based on HAT of which I cant KOS you on.



I asked the rest of the staff team before banning you to make sure I wasn’t injustified in doing so.


If you KOS’d me based off of my Hat, why didnt you say that last night? why is this the first time that the reason you killed me has been brought up? I don’t believe thats the real reason for the KOS.


I’m certain that Janice hasn’t been on the server whilst you’ve been on in recent times and hasn’t antagonised or directly send abuse or harassed you in any way, other players can send in a admin report which some do, people aren’t scared over a ttt admin on the internet they will report if they need to, however this is a false claim that janice hasn’t been nice to you and i want evidence of this as it is slander of janice thank you goodnight


Cherino, you’ve used several excuses at this point:

  • I was chasing you
  • I saw you jump through the window
  • I saw your hat
  • Lag/Human Reaction

You really need to decide what path you’re on.


I didn’t KOS you, I said I knew it was you and couldn’t do anything about it.

Didn’t bring it up ingame because you were really getting worked up over it, and like I said numerous times it is literally one round so. I was half awake, believe me or not but the evidence is there, your video was taken in your client, my screenshots from my client I saw you, stop crying unban thanks now.


Probably last point id bring up, since I have near to nothing to do with the situation, is the the rules on ghosting, if someone pm’s you in game and you kill the t that has been ghosted to you, it isn’t your fault; and most people report it; now if rk told cherinoo who the traitor was its his fault, and then cherinoo went through with it, and didn’t tell anyone, possibly defending a friend, like I attempted to do when Louie got me banned >:(
So what im saying is;
Rk ban for ghosting
Cherino ban for listening; and not reporting
shouldn’t it be a bit less? He has spent along of hours, money, time and that on the server. Epic aj time :)))))))


PrOfeSsIoNaL BtW


These are two factors that make up the truth

I tried chasing him through the building that I thought I’d seen him run through, of which I didnt.


Infact if you dont believe anything I say for whatever reason think about this

Why would I ghost at 1am in the morning
Why would anyone ghost at 1am in the morning
I’ve put alot of money and time into this community
Why would I risk that over saying janice is a T in one round.

Numerous staff in my discord too


There’s that antagonizing attitude again.
Cherino, this is something we’ve spoke about in the admin chat several times. This attitude that you adopt when you are adamant that you’re right doesn’t help your case.

Less chance of being caught

Less chance of being caught




I think what he is trying to say is, Why would I want to be banned; or do something that is ban worthy and I have a chance of being banned, I have all this stuff and time.


We understand what he’s saying. We’re just not buying into it.


When there was 3 staff members on?

I dont make alot of money, my point is that why would I throw away money?

Also If I wanted to get banned I would, this is not the case.
You can describe me as antagonizing all you want but It’s unjustified and I’ve been awoken to this ban.


If you know of a guy ghosting, using hacks etc, you’re still guilty by association. You know that the person has broken the rules but you’re not reporting it. You’re basically aiding/abetting to the person breaking the rules. You’re no better then. And before you say “but they’re friends” Would you really call a friend who drags you into their wrongdoings?

I’m not picking any sides in this since I don’t know enough to make a decision, but just saying how it is.


Oh, and actually
I never shot Janice I never KOS’d him, I simply said I know you’re a T.
Which contradicts everything He said about me shooting/killing/KOSing
In the damage logs I didn’t fire a shot at him as far as I’m aware even when he killed me.


Mate, you did KOS him… like 30 seconds later??
That’s kind of the whole point of this… I get that you’ve just woke up but jesus christ.
This is becoming a conversation loop.