Christmas Event 2022

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Welcome to the 2022 Christmas Event! As always, Santa will stopping by to visit us, and I really hope you’re on the nice list!

Both Servers
• New T item - Stimshot, now added as a T Healing Item with reduced shots and no ammo regen
• New D item - Hunter Pistol, a military prototype pistol that shoots tracker bullets
• Santa Round - Some rounds santa may be angry with you, some he may be jolly, hell he may even go on strike. Keep your head up each round and watch your shots, cause you never know what mood he’s in!
- Santas have a chance of spawning each round, maybe enraged, happy, or even both. If T’s manage to kill Friendly Santas they will be rewarded with presents!
• Holiday Maps have been added back into the rotation

• Modded is now based on Genesis code in order to assist with overflow, and provide additional fun for the regulars
• The Lag patch is nearly complete, with more tweaks on the way. We hope to see a much more player friendly environment now!

Additional Notes
• Event Masters now have access to a new event command, allowing them to start an event at any time!
• Please take this opportunity to read through our rules post Official Rules 3.0 2019
• Don’t forget racist and homophobic language are not permitted on the server, including gun names (yeah we can see em.)
• Presents are now spawning on the server at round start, collect as many as you can to stack them fat fat loots

As a Pigeon once told me, Insults/comments welcomed below.



I love christmas bowling

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Hello I exist here, changes sound neat lookin forward to seeing them in action! Good shit quacksey and blu, as well as any others who put forth some effort into this!


haha fuck the tryhards


is there a minimum player amount for presents to spawn?


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hello duck wing

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