Christmas Giveaway & Charity 2021 (WHERE EVERYONE IS A WINNER)

Hello everyone. As some of you might not know, I am in quite a few communities and I do these giveaway every year around christmas, done it the last 5 years. This year, this giveaway will be in Harrysmod. Before we go deeper in how this will work, I will first announce the prizes as I’m sure most of you want to know that first. The following prizes are:

1st: 50 euro steam gift card

2nd & 3rd 20 euro steam gift card

4th-6th a free Exotic of their choice aswell as 50k scrap (Genesis) (CCX Edit: No abuse exotics)

6th-The rest will get 10k scrap (genesis)

So How do you participate? It’s quite simple.

Write in the comments about something amazing that has happened to you or someone close to you
Write what you’re excited about in the coming year.

The winners will be chosen at random. Now, you may or may not get a very small bonus percentage of winning if you write with a real, thought through answer. As in, don’t just write one word. Put some effort in your answer!

And that’s it!

Everyone is welcome to join. Staff too, even though they can be quite stupid sometimes.

Just three simple rules
Do not have any active bans (ppl on the bad list are not welcome)
New accounts can not join ( I want to avoid people making alt accounts. If you have played in hmod for a while but not made an account in the forums, then that is fine)
And finally, you can only participate once

And so, since the prizes has been announced, there’s one last thing I want to say. I will donate 1 extra euro for every participant (up to a max of 100 euros) to several charities, being the following.

Cancer Research Institute
Children International
Red Cross

So, by participating in this charity, you’ll basically donate 1 euro to charities right? xD. That’s how it works lol. So by just spending a max of 10 minutes, you can help these amazing people in making the world a better place.

The winners will be chosen around the 25th december, the rewards will be given out a few days after that.

Good luck, Happy Holidays to you all!


i got a girlfriend this year (unfortunately it ended due to complications but it was amazing was probably the best part of my year to have someone again ;p
a close friend of mine got a job they love to bits and is having a fantastic time doing which is amazing
for the coming year i think we all agree when i say i cant wait for COVID TO FUCK OFF

also for aldron to lose money by donating to charity


Despite my ever shrinking free time, I got to buy more vinyl records this year. There’s nothing more cozy than just sitting on mig arse and listening to the 50th anniversary edition of In The Court Of The Crimson King…

Edit: In the upcoming year, I’m excited for photography! I want to use a film camera since in my el humble opinioner the color looks much better :exploding_head:


I graduated university, during a pandemic, with a 2:1, this year. :woman_student: And I recently won a gold and a silver medal in a British Taekwondo Championship. :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:

Next year I will finally be able to take my black belt exam, after not being able to for 3 years due to going to university (and then the pandemic). :martial_arts_uniform: :facepunch:


I took time to learn cooking and am now quite good at it. (Quite proud even tho lame conpared to others)
And im excited for spacex and other space launches in 2022


That fight me gif I posted earlier on discord was just a joke, okay?


she’s the person im actually scared to meet :joy: she might just knock me out with a kick

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Hey there so I’m not entering I’m just sharing.

So this year I got to watch my mom kick cancer’s ass again. For quick background, she’s been fighting stage 2 Ovarian cancer since 2017 and things got a little iffy here and there. So she has the kind that doesn’t go away because it spread. so it pops up, we do treatment, it goes into remission. And there’s random check ups and maintenance here and there. Well my mom has basically been doing maintenance for a couple years without any full blown chemo needed as it’s been really in check.

Back in July she got a doctors appointment moved up because she had a weird feeling about it. And good thing she did, as it was basically coming back full blown. Doctor’s tried a new drug and treatment I think they called Immunotherapy. Basically a less harmful chemo drug that wouldn’t make her sick and stuff. It was a test run to see if there were other options for us to try instead of full blown chemo. The reward being yay easy chemo, the risk being getting 3 months behind track on chemo (which is not good) and momma duck took the risk and it paid off.

Not only did she feel fantastic enough after every treatment that she could go out and do things like grocery shop, go to bingo (which on normal chemo you can barely leave a bed so that’s substantial). But the drug worked perfectly. It stopped the glowing and recessed it again. Couple follow ups of normal chemo and she’s right back into remission again.

All in all, im thankful I get to spend another Christmas with my mom. Excited for upcoming? I’m moving out of my house with my toxic roommates and going to start training to become a licensed pharmacy technician, got big ducky plans ahead. (also might take a random trip to Europe this summer)


Went to Serbia this year… It was a 9 hour drive from my hometown to a town called Бела Цркца (bē-lāh tsûr-kvâ)
The drive was excruciating for my back. It hurt for a good majority of the drive… However the views were REALLY nice! Vojvodina has a lot of flat terrain, so you can see the nice farms and forests. We also explored Belgrade and the old town (A castle). However I was in my crocs for most of the time, so that was kinda embarrassing…
It was really pretty! Belgrade looks nice with all the more modern infrastructure combined with old infrastructure. I also had KFC for the first time, their chicken is fucking immaculate, I loved it.

Bela Crkva itself was a neat little town. There were 2 lakes where you could swim and bathe in and a river that was too shallow for swimming. There was a little place where you can climb a flight of old looking stairs and go to a… morbid war place (I won’t go into detail) but you got to see the whole view of the town, which was awesome. Looked really nice.

The lakes of the town were ehhhh… Dirty, but you could still swim in 'em for a bit, but you’d have to take a shower once you went back into your apartment.
Right, the apartment where we stayed at was my mom’s friend’s apartment. They had AC and all the blankets and pillows were really comfortable. They also had 3 cats!!! I pet every single one of them, obviously… One of 'em is literally older than me (18 years old. The fucking cat could go out and have a drink with the lads in my country)
The other one was called Rajko (Rājkô). He was super floofy and nice to pet. He also came into my lap to be cuddled and pet which was really adorable.
The 3rd one I didn’t see much. She only liked being pet on the head but not the back. She was cute tho.

The trip back from Bela Crkva pretty much went the same. Bit of back pain but I didn’t mind. Listening to music helped me kill time.

It was an alright experience.

Edit: What I’m looking forward to next year? Covid to be gone. Sick of this shit (get it)


I met a lot of great people in and out of this community
My brother survived an appendicitis
I am excited about the possibility of the covid situation getting better


Got my first job and working hard and I’m looking forward to going university next year, planning on doing an international business management course that allows me to spend 12 months overseas and hopefully at the end of all this education I can get an MBA in business management. :slightly_smiling_face:


visit austria or else

I don’t lead the most exciting life but my future holds hope with my GCSEs Infront of me I can’t wait until I can finally rest from the stress that has been catching up with after school sessions giving up break times and lunches to try and get back to pre lockdown.
My life had 1 event this year though I visited my grandma after 7 years and a pandemic and still got offered the same biscuits and tea from then as now


Much love to you and momma duck! :heart:

(p.s. Come to Wales :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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Aldron has outed himself as the wuss. You saw it here first folks.

Oh where to begin…

Bought my first house, that’s not something I ever imagined doing in my life. It’s crazy to sit on the sofa and think ‘holy shit I own this’. Moving house is a stressful affair, but we managed it in a single weekend start to finish. It put a number of things into perspective, including how fed up I was becoming with my job. 2 months later, time to step out of my comfort zone and become a manager for the first time, alongside a mad increase in job responsibilities. Now, people depend on me to keep the place functioning 24/7. Scary? Yes. Hard? Yes. Rewarding? Like no other.

It was all going so well, then I ended up getting the dreaded 'rona in late September (get jabbed if you can, seriously). More than anything, I was relieved to not be super ill (even carried on working from home during my quarantine) and have come out with only one long-running effect (no taste, although it is starting to come back now finally).

Throughout this year, it’s been tough going (things that I cannot mention here). But, unlike previous years where I would have probably given up, I’ve persevered. That in itself is an achievement in my eyes. Oh, and my LUA knowledge has come on leaps and bounds. The support from the community since Harry left for the servers and us (muddling through) has been a real help. I wouldn’t have stayed around if it wasn’t for the positive comments, suggestions and constructive criticism from our playerbase - gg.

I can hardly believe we’re only a few weeks away from 2022 - it feels like 2021 only just started. In the coming months I’m looking forward to:

  • My first live music show since Feb 2020 (in March)
  • Finally being able to have my honeymoon (2 years after the fact)
  • Continuing to improve at work, honing my technical skills
  • Abusing my admin powers less

Just wanted to give a shoutout to @Aldron for this awesome giveaway, it’s fantastic and so nice for the community to come together in a positive way for once.


This year was a wild one for me but my English is bad and I am not good with stories, so here is a quick list:


  • thanks to the pandemic me and my gf got to spend
    more time together, it’s a small thing but greatly
    appreciated as always

  • won my first semi-professional mma fight in the post pandemic

  • me and my D&D group are finally ending a 3y
    campaign, unless our DM has a mental brakedown
    This Friday.


  • since the pandemic my awareness of time has been fucked, I can’t remember shit I did a week ago and I can’t really tell exactly how much time has passed between 2 events

  • my grandma from my mother side died due to a illnesses none knew about (TLDR: she was acting fine and “hiding” medical reports to not “bother” my family and her daughter )

Needless to say I felt like shit even if i was with her up to twice a week. I wish to have noticed at least some changes or her hiding it but I wasn’t able to.

Having said that, thanks for the opportunity of a quick venting and the donation/charity you are doing @Aldron :ok_hand:t2:

May RNGesus help you.


Spyro swears by film cameras, although she’s always shooting b&w and trying to be edgy

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I’m not being dismissive when I say literally nothing happened to me this year, I’ve just been living life and sitting on my arse. The most that happened was probably losing weight and improving my art a bit.
The biggest thing to happen to anyone I know is probably my dad getting remarried.
I wouldn’t call it a boring year tho, no news is good news I say.

I’m excited for the new games coming out next year, especially limbus company. Otherwise its going to be the same old good old


I don’t really have much to say because my year has been fuck awful from start to finish :grimacing: but two positives out of all the negatives that I can think of is 1. I finally got a job that I actually really enjoy and don’t want to walk out of every day like previously :joy: and 2. I’ve lost people this year but I’ve met new, better people and it makes up for all of it completely. They’ve been there for me through one of the shit times I’ve had this year and I’m really grateful for that :two_hearts:


Things I’m looking forward to next year: literally EVERYTHING. I’m making next year “my year” (though I say this every year and it never works out lol). I’m going on holiday (hopefully), I’m booked to go and see my favourite musical and one of my favourite bands. So fingers crossed covid takes a running jump off a cliff and fucks off for us all :crossed_fingers:t3: