Christmas Update Part 2


We’re not done with the Christmas update yet!

  • Santa has come to Terrorist Town to deliver presents to all the good terrorists! Unfortunately, the traitors aren’t on Santa’s nice list and they’re out for vengeance…
  • As an innocent, protect Santa. If he survives until the end of the round, every innocent gets an extra Christmas present!
  • If you’re a traitor, killing Santa will reward you and all your traitor buddies with 2 Christmas presents
  • Christmas present spawn rates have been increased by 50%

The patch is live right now, so go play it!

Full patch notes:

  • Christmas
    – Added Santa NPC model to download manifest
    – Increased present spawn rates
    – Removed some dodgy spawns
    – Fixed presents spawning in and under the floor
    – Added Santa spawns

Stay tuned, more stuff will be coming Christmas day…


Well holy shit, like we were not earning enough scrap as it is from all these presents :new_moon_with_face:

What will happen after christmas? i feel like you will barely be able to earn any scrap compared to how much you can earn right now…



Slightly fucked up a bit and made Santa spawn every round. It’s fine now, Santa will spawn how he is supposed to (25% chance to spawn each round)


At the Halloween event I got 20k in one day so this is like nothing against the Halloween event


more presents?
very nice


Just a lie presents spawn less on the Minecraft server and I played 20 rounds no Santa just a lie


The kids on the minecraft server have been naughty and are not getting a santa this year.


OK :frowning:

Fuck your 15 characters


Father Christmas. Is nick takeing over? Fucking Americans and there Santa.


Americans made him red as well he use to be green and blue. Plz fix


St. Nick is me bitches


Made a quick patch to fix some problems:

  • M16 Reload speed buff now works properly
  • Fixed random lootbox/item duplication


Presents are still spawning out of bounds in the prison map (next to the generator in the fenced compound for example)


Cause it’s a shit map and santa hates the map


Still better than waterworld tho.


father christmas


you’re also shit