Christmas Update Part 3 (Limited Time!)


Happy Christmas everyone! From now until the 28th we’re going to be showering everyone in items!

  • Present spawn rate has been increased
  • Every round you fully play will reward you with a present
  • Higher chance of getting a legendary weapon or unusual
  • Higher chance of rare unusuals

Also, a few fixes:

  • You can now remove skins from weapons (you will not get the skin back)
  • Equipped items will now correctly update when their data is modified
  • Skin apply button no longer uses the name tag icon:


Is it a higher chance on lootboxes aswell or only presents? also is it on right now so i can open presents while waiting for people? lel


Chances are increased on everything


Wow exactly now my PC broke

  • Spends all scrap on cases

  • Gets 50 custom P90s





So does this actually work now :thinking:




Yeah again it like broke again the next day it got repaired




Ffs i already opened all my presents because i thought it was working (before you fixed it) ;-;


25k on weapon boxes so far (+scraping the items and buying more boxes) still no legendaries in sight

%? :thinking:


Again harry, feed my addiction


Its fucking rigged


All i want for christmas is the afro hat to actually show the afro


we can all dream


damn it harry


Didn’t you ‘Fix’ it ages ago.